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"Towards an Ipanemization of Barra da Tijuca"

A new Barra da Tijuca beyond Lúcio Costa's mistakes (i.e. 1967's "Plano piloto da expansão da região metropolitana do estado do Rio de Janeiro".)

The specialization of areas (residential-, commerce-, office-only) resulted in an unsafe urban environment with zero pedestrians and a plethora of cars (i.e. lack of security & pollution).

Nothing can be done on foot, with cars becoming an extension of the human body for Barra residents.


1) The ground floor of each new condominium must be dedicated to host shops/bars/restaurants to avoid residential-only areas.
2) The construction of new malls is banned in order to promote local commerce in former residential areas.
3) Pedestrian bridges to be built all along Avenida das Americas & Lombardi
4) Pedestrian bridges and water buses connections in Barra's canals.
4) Future metro of Jardim Oceanico extended up to Alvorada.
5) Construction of monorail systems
* Recreio-Alvorada
* Alvorada-Jacarepagua
* Recreio-Santa Cruz
* Recreio-Campo Grande
* others (gradually converting into monorail systems the new wider roads currently being built for Olympic bus corridors: Transoeste, Transcarioca etc.)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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