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The LA Skyline

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Do you guys think the LA skyline would be more appreciated if it was built on the ocean instead of the middle of the city. I really like the skyline how it is..but it would look so much more impressive if it was on the ocean.
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This is a perfect time for me to post my favorite LA pic. This is the only pic that I've seen that shows both downtown and the ocean. I believe it was taken from Palos Verdes, but I'm not sure, maybe someone from LA can confirm?

Can a city kick any more ass than this?

That's exactly what I was thinking. Sunshine, beaches, palm trees, downtown, and snow capped mountains. It's not unreal, it's LA on a clear winter day!
LosAngelesSportsFan said:
Oh and we need to see that angle when there is snow on the mountains, then it will be unreal.
You can probably guess what my computer desktop looks like:

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