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Azn_chi_boi said:
I just tried it, and looks great. The mountains are a good background. SOme new towers in LA wont hurt.

They are on their way. Breaking news today that the LA Live Hotel might be the tallest building west of the Mississippi, beating the Library Tower, so that would mean a new 1000+ for LA. There are conflicting reports that its either going to be the tallest building or tallest hotel, which would make it the 3rd tallest in LA. Also, there are at least 10 towers taller than 40 stories planned for LA, from the 2 Sci arc towers at 50+ each, the LA Live Toer, the Grand Ave Project with at least 5 or 6 towers ranging from 30 - 65 stories, the metropolis project adjacent to LA Live with 3 towers at 53, 47 and 38 and a bunch of towers in the 30 story range (at least 7). A lot of these are breaking ground this year or next, in fact all most all of them are, so Downtown LA Is definitley BOOMING!! the Skyline will look totally different and better in 5 years.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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