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The LA Skyline

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Do you guys think the LA skyline would be more appreciated if it was built on the ocean instead of the middle of the city. I really like the skyline how it is..but it would look so much more impressive if it was on the ocean.
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No doubt it's amazing, but unfortunately LA rarely looks like that.
Usually you can see the skyline and the mountains from that vantage point, even with the high smog levels.
Awesome pics Chris!

Could you tell me the specific location from which you took those shots?
Here's a little somethin' I whipped up in my spare time. This is what the Los Angeles skyline will look like once Park Fifth, LA Live, Concerto (tower one), Hanover (wasn't topped off in the original photo), and LA Central are completed. The heights are a bit off, but the overall impact on the skyline is more or less the same.

There are skyscrapers of varying heights in the LA skyline.
^ LMFAO. You are a troll.
no city i have been to offers the variety of options LA has. Beaches, city, ethnic diversity, mountains, snow (45 min drive), history....This has nothing to do with how the city looks, it is a matter of versatility.
Couldn't agree more.
1 - 7 of 90 Posts
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