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Other tours in the Landes :
- Le Barp-Tartas
- Tartas-Chalosse
- Sorde
- Peyrehorade
Some of you might wonder what the Landes forest is about. Is it a continuous forest ? What's the landscape like ? I'll make several threads about the Landes (not only the departement but the whole forest).

To begin with, a little variant of my weekly trip from my native Béarn to Bordeaux.

Leaving Aire-sur-l'Adour and Tursan towards the pine forest :

Little excursion to the village of Perquie :

Ravignan Castle :

Arthez d'Armagnac :

Nothing to see in Pouydesseaux except some houses :

This is the main landscape :

Then Bostens appears with its romanic church :

Typical Landese houses :

After kilometres of pine trees, Canenx :

Here we go again :

Some glades :

Civilization ! Brocas-les-Forges :

Landese houses around Sore :

I was tired so I headed towards Bordeaux without any more stops :
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