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The Lincoln Park Streetwall

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Lincoln Park has been booming for the last 15-20 years; we all know it, and the development, both residential and shopping, in the whole area is always expanding and modernizing, while avoiding the kind of suburban-esque development that other parts of the city often get.

But do you think that the density of Lincoln Park can increase to the point where a nicely-sized streetwall forms on Clark/Lincoln Park West?

If such a thing can be done, it'd probably end up being very similar to NYC's Central Park West (except with less Art Deco); even more so than Michigan's streetwall, because Michigan's is almost all commercial (although that's changing).

Of course, there are some obstacles like the Francis Parker School; but I return to my original question: do you think LP could/would support such a streetwall? Would any of y'all like to see such a thing?

Personally, if it's done right, I think such an improvement would easily up the coolness factor of Lincoln Park (read: the park itself) tenfold.
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