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Alright guys, I've been busy. I tried to make a list of every project Proposed, Under Construction, or recently completed in Miami-Dade County. No small undertaking. I have 307 projects on here so far. As you can see I have floor counts for most buildings but I am missing heights for most buildings under 300 feet or so. I guess various cities don't care about heights as much for buildings that short. Enjoy and let me know if you see anything missing or know of heights that I do not have :)

Specifically does anyone know the height (in feet) of Carbonnel or BOR II? Or the Jade Beaches? Or Paramount Beach?

Here ya go:

Empire World Towers I 110 floors 1124ft Residential --Proposed (CBD)
Empire World Towers II 110 floors 1124ft Hotel/Residential --Proposed (CBD)
Met 3 74 floors 866ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Capitol Towers I 64 floors 805ft Residential --Proposed (Brickell)
Capitol Towers II 64 floors 805ft Residential --Proposed (Brickell)
Four Seasons 64 floors 789ft Office/Hotel/Residential --Completed 2004 (Brickell)
Paramount Park 68 floors 756ft Residential/Hotel --Approved (CBD)
Lynx 75 floors 745ft Office/Hotel/Residential --Proposed (CBD)
900 Biscayne 63 floors 740ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Infinity II 65 floors 736ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Marquis 63 floors 679ft Residential/Hotel --Approved (CBD)
330 Biscayne 56 floors 659ft Residential --Proposed (CBD)
Opus 2 67 floors 650ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Upper East Side)
600 Biscayne 62 floors 649ft Residential --Proposed (CBD)
Riverfront West 1 630ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Opus 57 floors 620ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Marina Blue 57 floors 615ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Dupont Plaza 60 floors 609ft Residential/Hotel --Construction (CBD)
Dupont Plaza II 60 floors 609ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Infinity I 52 floors 604ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Riverfront East 1 601ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Cardinal Symphony 60 floors 600ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Platinum Bay 56 floors 589ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
ICON Brickell 60 floors 586ft Residentail --Proposed (Brickell)
ICON Brickell 60 floors Residential --Proposed (Brickell)
ICON Brickell 51 floors Residential --Proposed (Brickell)
600 Brickell 57 floors Residential/Office --Proposed (Brickell)
Plaza on Brickell 56 floors 585ft Residentail --Approved (Brickell)
Premiere Towers I 52 floors 579ft Residentail/Office --Approved (Brickell)
Premiere Towers II 52 floors 579ft Residentail/Office --Approved (Brickell)
Villa Magna I 52 floors 574ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Villa Magna II 52 floors 574ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
50 Biscayne 55 floors 554ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Trump Palace 44 floors 551ft Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)
Trump Royale 44 floors 550ft Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)
Acqualina 51 floors 550ft Residential/Hotel --Completed 2005 (Sunny Isles)
Jade Beach 53 floors 550ft Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
Jade Beach 2 51 floors 550ft Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
Ice2 54 floors 545ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Park Place II 32 floors 540ft Office --Approved (Brickell)
Everglades 49 floors 538ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Everglades 49 floors 538ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Quantum 48 floors 536ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
Onyx2 50 floors 536ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Island Gardens 48 floors 535ft Hotel/Residential --Approved (CBD)
Riverfront West 2 533ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Opera Tower 56 floors 530ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
10 Museum Park 48 floors 528ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Jade Brickell 49 floors 528ft Residential --Completed 2005 (Brickell)
Soleil 43 floors 514ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Riverfront West 3 512ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Riverfront East 2 501ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Riverfront East 3 500ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Brickell CitiCentre 50 floors Residential/Office --Proposed (Brickell)
Paramount Bay 47 floors 496ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Avenue 46 floors 495ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Akoya 47 floors 492ft Residential --Completed 2005 (North Beach)
Espirito Santo 36 floors 487ft Office/Hotel --Completed 2004 (Brickell)
Regalia 42 floors 485ft Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
Asia 36 floors 483ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
One Miami 45 floors 480ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
1390 Brickell Bay 47 floors 478ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Latitude 42 floors 476ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Quantum 43 floors 471ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
Plaza on Brickell 43 floors 460ft Residentail --Approved (Brickell)
One Miami 44 floors 460ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Portico 42 floors 459ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Paramount Beach 45 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
Trump Towers 1 45 floors Residential --Proposed (Sunny Isles)
Trump Towers 2 45 floors Residential --Proposed (Sunny Isles)
Trump Towers 3 45 floors Residential --Proposed (Sunny Isles)
La Perla 42 floors Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)
Point at Brickell 42 floors 442ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Park Lane 33 floors 437ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Loft II 35 floors 433ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Blue 36 floors 425ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
1800 Club 40 floors 423ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
ICON South Beach 42 floors 423ft Residential --Completed 2005 (South Beach)
Brickell on the River 42 floors 423ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Brickell on the River II 46 floors Residential --Approved (Brickell)
500 Brickell 42 floors 423ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Vue at Brickell 37 floors 423ft Residential --Completed 2004 (Brickell)
Axis I 37 floors 418ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Axis II 37 floors 418ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Park Place I 36 floors 413ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Electra 31 floors 412ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Club at Brickell 42 floors 411ft Residential --Completed 2005 (Brickell)
Murano Grande 37 floors 407ft Residential --Completed 2004 (South Beach)
Ocean 4 40 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
Carbonell 39 floors Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Met 1 40 floors 400ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Met 2 40 floors 400ft Residential --Approved (CBD)
Avenue 34 floors 400ft Residentail --Approved (Brickell)
Canyon Ranch 42 floors 397ft Residential --Construction (North Beach)
The Beacon 36 floors 396ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Mercy Hosp. 33 floors 389ft Residential --Proposed (Coconut Grove)
Setai 38 floors 386ft Residential/Hotel --Completed 2004 (South Beach)
Riverfront West 4 384ft Office --Approved (CBD)
Skyline at Brickell 34 floors 376ft Residential --Completed 2005 (Brickell)
Turnberry Ocean Colony 1 37 floors Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)
Turnberry Ocean Colony 2 37 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
Continuum 2 37 floors Residential --Approved (South Beach)
Fountanebleau 2 36 floors Hotel --Completed 2005 (Mid Beach)
Skyline at MBV 34 floors Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Ice 34 floors Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Sky 34 floors Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Trump Sonesta 32 floors Hotel --Completed 2004 (Sunny Isles)
NeoVertika 35 floors 369ft Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Miami Rivertown 35 floors 368ft Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Lyghte 32 floors 357ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
City of Miami Development 33 floors 357ft Residential/Parking --Approved(CBD)
Four Midtown 31 floors 350ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Grovenor 33 floors 341ft Residential --Construction (Coconut Grove)
Two Midtown 29 floors 320ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Three Midtown 29 floors 309ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Latitude One 23 floors 305ft Office --Construction (Brickell)
Riverhouse 25 floors 299ft Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Atlantic One 31 floors 295ft Residential --Completed 2005 (Aventura)
Sayan 30 floors Residential/Hotel --Construction (Sunny Isles)
BellaMare 30 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Pennisula I 30 floors Residential --Completed 2004 (Aventura)
Pennisula II 30 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
The Sail 29 floors Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Onyx 28 floors Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
Hamptons South 28 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (Aventura)
Coral Station 28 floors Office/Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Reflections on the River 24 floors 283ft Residential --Approved (Brickell)
Biscayne Park 26 floors 277ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
The Loft 23 floors 274ft Residential --Construction (CBD)
Ellipse 24 floors 273ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Emerald at Brickell 27 floors 270ft Residential --Contruction (Brickell)
Le Meridien 27 floors Hotel --Completed 2005 (Sunny Isles)
1001 Center 27 floors Office --Approved (CBD)
Terrazas River 27 floors Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
One Bal Harbour 26 floors Residential --Construction (Bal Harbour)
6000 Indian Creek 25 floors Residential --Construction (North Beach)
Metropolis I 25 floors Residential --Construction (Kendall)
Metropolis II 25 floors Residential --Construction (Kendall)
Fairfeild 25 floors Residential --Construction (Kendall)
Dadeland Park 25 floors Residential --Construction (Kendall)
Biscayne Landing 25 floors Residential --Approved (North Miami)
Biscayne Landing 25 floors Residential --Approved (North Miami)
Sole 24 floors Residential/Hotel --Construction (Sunny Isles)
LaVogue 24 floors Residential --Approved (Aventura)
Maule Lake 24 floors Residential --Approved (North Miami)
Maule Lake 24 floors Residential --Approved (North Miami)
Bentley Bay 26 floors 259ft Residential --Completed 2005 (South Beach)
Canyon Ranch 26 floors 257ft Residential --Construction (North Beach)
Bellini 24 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (Bal Harbour)
Mirasol 24 floors 255ft Residential --Proposed (CBD)
Brisas Del Rio 20 floors 247ft Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Cube 23 floors 244ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Bentley Bay 24 floors 243ft Residential --Completed 2005 (South Beach)
1690 North River 22 floors 240ft Residential/Office --Approved (Civic Center)
The Mile 22 floors 240ft Residential --Proposed (Coral Way)
New Wave 19 floors 239ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Star Lofts 23 floors Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Platinum 22 floors Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
5th Ave Lofts 22 floors Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Solaris 22 floors Residential --Construction (Brickell)
Mei 22 floors Residential --Proposed (North Beach)
Apogee 22 floors Residential --Approved (South Beach)
Parc Tower 1 22 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Parc Tower 2 22 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Biscayne Tower 21 floors Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
NeoLofts 21 floors Residential --Completed 2004 (Civic Center)
Fantasy of the Ocean 21 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
U.S. Courthouse 14 floors Office --Construction (CBD)
Blue at Coral Way 20 floors Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Terrazas Park 20 floors Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Turnberry Place 20 floors Residential --Proposed (Aventura)
Bridgewater 20 floors Residential --Construction (North Bay Village)
Mosaic 20 floors Residential --Construction (Mid Beach)
Lexi 20 floors Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
Monte Carlo 20 floors Residential --Proposed (North Beach)
St.Tropez I 19 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
St.Tropez II 19 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
St.Tropez III 19 floors Residential --Approved (Sunny Isles)
W Miami 19 floors Hotel --Proposed (South Beach)
W Miami 19 floors Hotel --Proposed (South Beach)
Ocean Sound 19 floors Residential --Approved (North Beach)
Aventura Marina 19 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Bath Club 19 floors Residential --Construction (Mid Beach)
3737 Collins 19 floors Residential --Proposed (Mid Beach)
Avant 18 floors Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Aria 18 floors Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Saxony 18 floors Residential --Proposed (Mid Beach)
Bel Aire 18 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (North Beach)
Terzetto 18 floors Residential --Approved (Aventura)
Aventura Landings II 18 floors Residential --Proposed (Aventura)
Fontainebleau 3 18 floors Hotel --Approved (Mid Beach)
Vista Biscayne 17 floors 215ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Blue Lagoon 17 floors 215ft Residential --Proposed (Airport) (7 towers)
Brickell First 21 floors 215ft Residential --Proposed (Brickell)
8000 West Dr 21 floors 213ft Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
8000 West Dr 21 floors 213ft Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
SoHo 16 floors 202ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Gables Marquis 20 floors 200ft Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Hidden Harbor 20 floors 200ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Burger King HQ 200ft Office --Proposed (Coral Gables)
Mondrian 17 floors 199ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Urban River 19 floors 197ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Urban River II 19 floors 197ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Chanticleer 21 floors 196ft Residential/Office --Proposed (CBD)
Roads at 18 19 floors 194ft Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Residences at Douglas 19 floors 192ft Residential -Proposed (Coral Way)
Riverside 18 floors 190ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Coral Sea View 15 floors 185ft Residential --Completed 2005 (Coral Way)
City 24 15 floors 182ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Capital Place 19 floors 181ft Residential/Office --Proposed (Little Havana)
Filling Station 10 floors 179ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Miami River 16 floors 178ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Luxor 16 floors 177ft Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Wagner Place 17 floors 174ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Brickell Village 14 floors 173ft Office --Proposed (Brickell)
7922 East DR 17 floors 170ft Residential --Proposed (North Bay Village)
Cielo 16 floors 170ft Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
Sunset Bay 15 floors 170ft Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
District Lofts 12 floors 153ft Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
Capiro Tower 15 floors 150ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Urbanea 14 floors 150ft Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Kubik 14 floors 150ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
1377 Condo 15 floors 149ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Miami CityView 13 floors 149ft Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Coral Way MU 13 floors 147ft Residential --Proposed (Coral Way)
Aventura Hosp. 11 floors 146ft Office --Completed 2005 (Aventura)
Los Suenos 13 floors 143ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Bayview Market 5 floors 140ft Retail/Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Riverview Square 8 floors 136ft Office --Completed 2005 (CBD)
1300 Ponce 12 floors 136ft Office --Approved (Coral Gables)
Atrium I 11 floors 135ft Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Atrium II 11 floors 135ft Residential --Construction (Aventura)
VOA 12 floors 132ft Office --Proposed (Little Havana)
Midtown Midrise 11 floors 130ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Tuscan Place 13 floors 130ft Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Pompeii 10 floors 130ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Uptown Marina 11 floors 129ft Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Byblos 12 floors 128ft Residential --Proposed (Coral Way)
Pinnacle Park 13 floors 126ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Palma 14 floors 124ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Miracle Center 7 floors 123ft Retail/Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Latin Q Tower 14 floors 122ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Ocean Blue 11 floors 122ft Residential --Completed 2005 (North Beach)
Ehden Place 13 floors 121ft Residential --Proposed (Little Havana)
1800 Club 14 floors 120ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Coastal I 12 floors 120ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Coastal II 12 floors 120ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
5220 Biscayne 11 floors 120ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Nuevo Centro 11 floors 117ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Silverton 10 floors 113ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
San Lorenzo 10 floors 110ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
North Riverview 10 floors 109ft Residential --Proposed (Civic Center)
Milebella 8 floors 108ft Residential --Approved (Upper East Side)
Brickell West 10 floors 105ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Emerald Plaza 10 floors 103ft Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Pinnacle Place 10 floors 100ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Amber Garden 10 floors 100ft Residential --Approved (Civic Center)
Zafire 9 floors 100ft Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
216 SW 12 AVE 8 floors 100ft Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Cynergi 11 floors Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Puerta de Palmas 17 floors Residential --Construction (Coral Gables)
Nordica 17 floors Residential --Approved (Coral Way)
Regent Bal Harbour 17 floors Hotel --Construction (Bal Harbour)
Brickell Vista 17 floors Residential --Construction (Little Havana)
Transit Village 17 floors Office --Construction (CBD)
Space 01 16 floors Residential --Construction (North Bay Village)
Prisma 16 floors Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
Bay Harbor 101 16 floors Residential --Construction (Bay Harbor)
Blue Bay 16 floors Residential --Construction (North Bay Village)
Mediterranea 15 floors Residential --Approved (Little Havana)
Carroll Walk 15 floors Residential --Completed 2004 (Bay Harbor)
Nobe Bay 15 floors Residential --Proposed (North Beach)
360 Condo 15 floors Residential --Construction (North Bay Village)
Lincoln Bay 15 floors Residential --Approved (South Beach)
Sky 15 floors Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
100 Alhambra 15 floors Office --Proposed (Coral Gables)
X Aragon 15 floors Residential --Completed 2004 (Coral Gables)
Dadeland Towers 15 floors Residential --Construction (Kendall)
Cite 15 floors Residential --Completed 2004 (Upper East Side)
Ponce Tower 15 floors Residential --Approved (Coral Gables)
Turnberry Village 14 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Turnberry Village 14 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Ponce De Leon 14 floors Residential --Construction (Coral Gables)
King David 14 floors Residential --Construction (Sunny Isles)
Douglas Place 14 floors Residential --Construction (Little Havana)
Gables View 14 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (Coral Way)
Belaire Bay 14 floors Residential --Approved (North Beach)
Pinnacle View 14 floors Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Terzetto Lofts 13 floors Residential --Approved (Aventura)
Milano Tower 13 floors Residential --Completed 2004 (Coral Gables)
Aventura Landings I 13 floors Residential --Proposed (Aventura)
Aventura Landings II 13 floors Residential --Proposed (Aventura)
Uptown Lofts 12 floors Residential --Construction (Upper East Side)
Indigo Bay 12 floors Residential --Construction (Bay Harbor)
360 Condo B 12 floors Residential --Construction (North Bay Village)
Azure 12 floors Residential --Construction (Surfside)
Beach House 12 floors Residential --Proposed (Surfside)
2525 Ponce 12 floors Office --Completed 2004 (Coral Gables)
La Palma 12 floors Hotel --Proposed (Coral Gables)
Gorlin Acqua 12 floors Residential --Construction (North Beach)
Bay Treasure 12 floors Residential --Approved (North Bay Village)
Gateway to the Grove 12 floors Residential --Approved (Coconut Grove)
Venture 11 floors Residential --Construction (Aventura)
Morris Acqua 11 floors Residential --Construction (North Beach)
Spear Acqua 11 floors Residential --Constructnio (North Beach)
Seybold Pointe 11 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (Civic Center)
Rive Gauche 10 floors Residential --Proposed (Upper East Side)
Diamond 10 floors Residential --Proposed (Little Havana)
Yorker 10 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (Upper East Side)
Village Place 10 floors Residential --Approved (Coral Gables)
Colonnade 1 10 floors Residential --Approved (Kendall)
Colonnade 2 10 floors Residential --Approved (Kendall)
Colonnade 3 10 floors Residential --Approved (Kendall)
Colonnade 4 10 floors Residential --Approved (Kendall)
Country Club Center 10 floors Office --Completed 2005 (Aventura)
21420 Biscayne 10 floors Office --Approved (Aventura)
Bay Lofts 9 floors Residential --Completed 2005 (Upper East Side)
Artech 9 floors Residential --Approved (Aventura)

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holy shit... dave, that is amazing! major props man!

whered u get all the info for some of those smaller... lesser known projects

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nimbyhater said:
holy shit... dave, that is amazing! major props man!

whered u get all the info for some of those smaller... lesser known projects
City of Miami spreadsheet + Emporis + commission & zoning board minutes & agendas.

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Great work, Dave! I got one question: Dupont towers... isn't Dupont II the only one that 60 stories, or did they change Dupont I to be 60 stories as well, or is it a typo?

otherwise, you aare a fountain of knowledge...:)

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I edited the list to add 8 more projects from the Bal Harbour/Surfside area that I had forgot. The total is now up to 315.
About Dupont, the City only gave the height of the complex not of the individual buildings. If anyone knows the height of the shorter one let me know. The same is true of Capitol Towers, one is obviously taller than the other but as of now the City lists both as 805ft.

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hey... if 30 percent of 300 buildings get built, 100 buildings aint that bad... ill take it, although i think alot more than 30% will get done

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yeah, awesome job dave! that's a helluva list.

i've never seen heights either for any of the projects you've mentioned, but if i ever do i'll be sure to post them here.

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WOW !!! DAVE :) , you da man, So many Daves :) here, maybe 3 or more, but I love ya all like a family here, Great Update, we are the city to watch from around the world. the Cranes are rising, well the Bases are , lol. its the shortage Now of Cranes, I see that now, there ae so many bases of yellow cranes waiting for their tops, at the Opera Tower, the two bases have been there for over a month, the Midtown two, the two bases are still waiting, the Met 1 , the base is still waiting. Lets GO CRANES, where are ya ??? :cheers:

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Dave :) , again Great Job there on the 300 plus Tower update, just a few to add;

# 1, 55 Merrick Way, 2 mid size towers in Coral Gables, Douglas rd. and Miracle mile.

# 2, Altos De Miami, 16 floor condo tower, Little Havana, Flagler st. and 22nd Ave

# 3, Meditterian Tower, 15 floors, Lejenue Rd and n.w. 2 nd st., airport area.

p.s. just one correction Dave :) , but its right about the size, its 3330 Biscayne Blvd, not 330 Biscayne blvd, and its the Soliel Tower at 33rd st. and biscayne. :cheers:

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urban river

coastal on the river


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