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The London mix

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A selection of pics taken in april 2007 of one of the most energizing, funky and ecclectic world city : London

Some bits of Paris with a twist


Glorious dome! so much sunshine...

Contrasting city

Incongruous city

The buzz

The big Wheel and the Big screen

Industrial Heritage


Mind the gap

The best and the worst

Spin it!

My tiny house in the country

Big City


The new and the crap


Bishopsgate...future skyscraper alley

The City of London
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Great! You´re a skilled photographer Manuel.
I like that. Something new than typical views. Good job Manuel!
Definately looks for fast-paced and energetic compared to Paris.

Great photos!
Thanks for bring us nice pics Manuel
Pretty mix of pictures!
Excellent photos Manuel! Havn't seen you around these here parts for a while. Been hiding on another forum? Or am I just blind?

Anyway, great to see you around again. And year, I love your photo work.
Thank you to all of you!

I've been hiding...:D
Nah, I'm posting on a irregular basis on the UK and French forums!
nice prensentation
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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