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The long way to the water

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Yesterday I wanted to find out, how long the way from my hotel in Downtown to the beach really is. So I started walking. The way was much longer than I had expected. It took me 11 hours (including some breaks) and 32.46 kilometres (20.17 miles). Here are some photos of my trip.

8:34 They were filming an episode of "Commander in Chief" at my hotel













For the way back to my hotel I used the bus.
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that is hilarious!
its nice to know though, maybe i will do that next time im out there!
i had never heard of anyone doing that when i was there,
Thats great! you walked all the way down Wilshire! jesus. Hope you enjouyed it. you certainly went through very different parts of LA, from Downtown, to Alverado to Koreatown to Beverly Hills to Santa Monica as well as UCLA and Museum Row. Wow how cool.
Were you a little "twipsy"? :jk: what an amazing feat. how much did you enjoy the walk?
latennisguy said:
how much did you enjoy the walk?
The part from Downtown to Rodeo Drive was quite easy, but after I switched from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boilevard, it began to become harder and harder. My feet and legs started aching more and more. The problem is that I had quite a heavy backpack with me. Even today I am not able to walk properly, so I will stay in Downtown most of the day. For the rest of my journey, I will use busses and subway whereever I can.

I don´t think that this walk was a very good idea. Maybe for people with better feet. If somebody can run the more than 25 miles of a marathon, this walk would not be a big problem. I am not somebody who can run a marathon. That walk was the hardest think I have ever done. When i was in Chicago last year, I walked from Ohio Street in Downtown up to Loyola University. That distance was not too hard, so I thought that I could do a longer walk this time. No I know that this walk was really to long for me.
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...your insane
U WALK!!!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!!
I humbly bow to u :)
omg that's awesome, I'd like to do that sometime haha, I had no idea it took so long!
For athletic people it should be possible in six or seven hours, but I became slower and slower. A big problem is that you have to cross 200 streets (+/- 5). That alone takes between one and two hours.
LMAO. :lol:
Goddamn! You must of lost at least 30 pounds!
I know friends who have walked from the top of Manhattan down to the bottom which is 13 miles. I just Goolged mapped this and it comes out to be 15 miles, sort of Manhattanish.
You arrive at the beach at 18:55 initially but then you walk again for another 30 minutes but you are still at the beach at 19:33. What's going on?
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I was almost dead when I arrived, so I took a last break. You might also notice the 41 minutes between the first two photos, although there are only a few blocks between them. Taking photos can take lots of time.

Yes, the direct way would be about 15 miles, but as I wanted to take photos of as many highrise building as I could, I had to switch to 7th street and back many times to always get the sunny side of the buildings. Additionally I walked along Rodeo Drive and back and through Century City. I found out the exact lenght of my walk with the "Measure" function of Google Earth. Maybe I should have taken the direct way and saved five miles.
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