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The 'lunch break'

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Please feel free to post pictures from your lunch break....

Today I went to Wendy's for lunch as I'm sick of Burger King and Pollo Tropical. Wendy's make the best burgers, although I'm not too impressed with their French Fries / Freedom Fries.

Anyway, I left work around 12:35pm and the traffic was really bad. It was a hot but overcast day today here in South Florida.

Here are the photos:

On the way to Wendy's!

Pulling into Wendy's - there's a bit of a line.

Just checking that the pickup window is actually open, 'cause ya never know!

Checking out the menu -- should I opt for a meal, or just a sandwich?

Ordering - decided to go for the 'Classic Double With Cheese' and a large French/Freedom fries. I opted not to have the meal as I don't like fizzy drinks. I had a hard time understanding the chick and she had a hard time understanding me.

Waiting in line behind a pickup truck playing horrible, loud reggaeton music (Daddee Yankee, I think).

The wallet - my 'bad motherfucker'.

Finally leaving Wendy's.....looking out at the horrible traffic and the Pollo Tropical where they were rude to me last week.

Crazy/stupid/insane/reckless Miami drivers at their best at the intersection of 57th Ave/NW 7th Street.

Approaching the dreaded work, looking straight ahead towards 836 (the infamous Dolphin Expressway).

Lunch is served.

Mmmmmm........close up....going.....


Gone!......except the onions, 'cause I hate onions (they make your breath stink).

Back to work.
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Interesting thread. I appreciate the post though! I love South Florida.
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