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The Met | 69 Storey | Sathon

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Name : The Met
Location : 125 South Sathorn Road
Developer : Pebble Bay (Thailand)
Storey : 66 Residential floor+3 Machanical levels
Number of Unit :375 Units + 3 Exclusive Penhouses
Launching date : Mar 2005
1 - 20 of 1532 Posts's soooooooo modern,sexy and beautiful.
I think it looks quite fat from the front though.
hm........ i cant see the picture. is the link broken?
I also can't see the pic.
Because there is NO picture!
DD2020 said:'s soooooooo modern,sexy and beautiful.
Chad said:
I think it looks quite fat from the front though.
Hmm, what's going on here :? :D
Ah ha...that's my plot.
:jk: :hahaha:
:master: :master:

(but I think Chad said from what actually he had seen.)

By the way to day banner , Istanbul is so beautiful.
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an office on that plot could be greatfull. anyway, so excited to see the rendering. so tall!
it looks quite tall and the mechanical levels make the building taller ;)

oh yea.. the [imaginary] rendering is AWESOME!
Alright alright.....everybody calm down...:D
Finally i got the rendering!!! i think it is look skinny and have to much mechnical levels ;)

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I think it looks very like one project in Singapore, only taller.
Duxton, Singapore

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1 - 20 of 1532 Posts
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