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NAME: The Mottramdale Gardens
USE: Residential
LOCATION: Durban, Westville

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The 32 two- and three-bedroom apartments of Mottramdale Gardens have been affordably designed and priced for the market to serve the needs of those that work close to the city of Durban.

The Mottramdale Gardens site is located at 21 Mottramdale Road in Westville and slopes from the road down to a stream at the bottom of the property. This area of the property forms part of the city’s D-MOSS system, whereby selected riverine areas are protected from further development.

Conveniently located, the site allows easy access into the city, as well as to the Durban/Westville University and West Way Office Park.

The 32 apartments will be housed in two - four storey buildings, each with 16 apartments.

Contemporary design features ensure that the elevations of the buildings are both modern and attractive. The use of external colours will accentuate the various buildings' elements.

The Mottramdale Gardens complex will enjoy an access-controlled arrival off Mottramdale Road.

Construction of the site is due to start in earnest, early in 2007.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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