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The Music Thread

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hello guys

here u can share us whatever songs that u love

Arabic or non-Arabic , all good :eek:kay:

so i will start with my favorite songs

hope that u like it :)
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i hate arabic music specially mohamad abdoh and any singer following his style:bash:
sorry i used to hate music since i was a kid because of the khalijy instruments combined with same romantic poet ;P but the only two songs i like was "la isla bonita" and "who is that girl" i was 3/4 y/o lol
i went to one of to one of the best schools in saudi... hence my english, westernised, so i hated khaliji music, i have a library of 30 GB of music. but ever since i graduated and started studying abroad i'm now craving arabic music. i love both now :p

i understand that some of the music are tasteless (too much drums and weird sounds)

but there is good taste

عبد المجيد عبدالله
راشد الفارس
محمد عبده

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^^ illegal contents for sure ;P
where do you find legal songs online in saudi ? -__-

but now its all iTunes
i went to one of to one of the best schools in saudi... hence my english, westernised,
i feel jealous:( i wish if i was in private school, my English is sucks but thanks to SSC it make it way better!

SNAEK is this topic only for arabic songs?
Guys please post more..I love arabic music :)
woooow that was shocked :lol:

abut me i love arabic music and western music

and go ahead guys post whatever u like arabic non-arabic

these some non-arabic music that i like

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list of dancing musics

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sorry SNAEK for ruining your thread! the good news i feel reliefs :p

lool @ iam in the house :lol:
will,i think iam gonna start with yanni the best musician so far,this pieces of art what iam calling the real decent melodies, i <3<3<3 yanni

Standing in Motion+Rainmaker in 2006 alone i have seen the whole concert around 13 times:nuts:

If I could tell you

Playing by heart

Prelude- 3000 old armenian duduk
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Whoa, first time I notice this thread! Okay, here are some songs I love in hope of a thread resurrection:

And of course, there has to be one of hers..

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I am in love with the slow rock songs ( scorbion style )

Can any body tell me how to attach u tube in the forum :)
^^copy this part  "UC9h35kyrC4" it has different code in each video! 
[MEDIA=youtube]UC9h35kyrC4[/MEDIA]<< type it inside the braces
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SG /// this one is realy great
Prelude- 3000 old armenian duduk
Yanni is always the best
oh so this one called scorpion! teacher play it in the class last semester! that one named"wind of change" is lovely song!
I went to concert for three great rock bands,Three Days Grace with Breaking Benjamin and Flyleaf <3
this is one of the pictures for that crazy night!

In April there is a concert for lady gaga,can't wait anymore, la la alejandro:cheer:
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^^check out this web site she may doing an event close to your town!

btw Yaghuth you have an unique taste!!all of your list are classical music! I prefer that one by Amina alaoui!
In April there is a concert for lady gaga,can't wait anymore, la la alejandro:cheer:[/QUOTE]

Oh ,, I realy envie you :hammer:
Thanks SG
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