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The Mystic of Java, Bali and Lombok (Open to all)

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The Mystical island of Java, Bali and Lombok (Open to all)

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Java, Madura Bali and Lombok are the well known heart of Indonesia, centers of ancient civilization that have been long gone. Indonesia is a large country that have large variety of ethnic and culture, distinct for each island. The reason i grouped these island into one is that because this part of the country retained such a huge influence of the past that each one of them become distinctive towards one another, yet at the same time they're actually related.

Some fact about Bali, Java and Lombok:

- Java is the world's most populated island, with the size smaller than Honshu of Japan but having population of 141 million, numbering more than the entire Japan itself. Java's main ethnic group are divided into: Javanese in Central-East Java, Sundanese in West Java, Maduranese in Madura island, Bantenese in Banten and Betawi in Jakarta.

- Bali is the most and only Hindu place out of Southeast Asia, population of the entire island are 4.2 million. 89% of the inhabitant identify themself as Hindus.

- Lombok is an island of 2.5 million, roughly the same size of Bali, like Java the population are predominantly Muslim but some of them retained their old belief.

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Exotic and intriguing. Great thread.
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