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"The New Basarab": Splaiul Independentei - Ciurel - A1

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This project will be huge. Probably even more impressive than the Basarab Overpass. So I think this deserves its own thread. :cheers:


Some plans, probably older, but good to start with. [ source ]

FROM WEST (A1) to EAST (Lacul Morii/Splaiul Independentei)


Some renders

The project on - it seems that Marian from will have access to this project also. We're looking forward to his updates from this impressive piece of road infrastructure.

NEW RENDERS [dec 2010]

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^^ My congrats likewise, great job. It looks quite modern, but can you point out its exact location on Google maps or something like that, please :colgate:? I have no clue about its exact location, nor its purpose for that matter :shifty: I guess they want to divert the A1 motorway traffic to...uhm where exactly? In that place where the (Splaiul Independentei) avenue ends, right?
OK, I understand that part then, but then what? How will it continue and link to A1? I also noticed they'll change the actual A1 junction into a cloverleaf interchange, well.. sort of. Or maybe not?
Yeah! This is exactly what I wanted to see :hug:

Nu prea îmi dădeam seama unde erau poziționate mai exact acele intersecții, de-a lungul traseului. E chiar mai tare decât credeam eu, acum realizez că e practic o a II-a intrare în București dinspre A1.
Poti vedea aici traseul de app. 8 km. Va fi practic nou Iuliu Maniu, o alternativa pentru cei care vin/ies de pe A1. O legatura A1 - centru bypassing Militari.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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