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As requested :

we need a directory for starters, all you have to do is make a sticky thread called directory or something obvious, each modeller will post links to each of their models, then when we ask you you update the first post with new links, and if necessary delete posts once the links are added.

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Here are all of mine:
Non 1:1700 scale:

Sunsphere, Knoxville:


One Chase Manhattan Plaza, NYC:

Trump World Tower, NYC:

Flatiron/Fuller Building, NYC:

Burlington House, NYC:

American International Building (70 Pine Street), NYC:

PSFS Building, Philadelphia:

Millenium Tower, Japan:

Water Tower Place, Chicago:

Aqua, Chicago:

Borgata, Atlantic City:

Tour de Lille, Lille:

Sutro Tower, San Fransisco:

Al Fasiliah Center, Riyadh:

Coit Tower, San Fransisco:

MetLife Tower, NYC:

WTC 1 under construction, NYC:

American Radiator Building, NYC:

Hotel Monaco, Salt Lake City:

Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia:

George Washington Bridge, NYC:

Solow Building, NYC:

Clifton Suspension Bridge, England:

Las Vegas Sign, Las Vegas:

The Pentagon, Washington DC:

One New York Plaza, NYC:

30 Hudson Street, Jersey City:

One Financial PLaza, Providence:

Kimmel Performing Arts Centre, Philadelphia:

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Kobe:

Sydney Tower, Sydney:

Renaissance Hotel, NYC:

Millenium Hilton, NYC:

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Entrance, NYC:

Al Yaqoub Tower, Dubai:

Bankers Trust, NYC:

860 Lakeshore Apartments, Chicago:

Models at 1:1700 Scale:

One Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, NYC:

Antel Telecommunications Tower, Montevideo:

Home Insurance Buildling: Print at 45%

AT&T Long Lines Building, New York City:

United Nations Plaza Building, New York City:

New York Life Building, New York City:

New York Building, Fictional:

Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt:

Farm, Rural Pennsylvania:

Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta

BellSouth Building, Atlanta:

Bank of America Building, Baltimore:

Marriott Marquis, New York City:

Paramount Building, New York City:

Washington Square Arch, New York City:

Mercantile Building, NYC:

Chanin Building, New York City

Plaza Tower, Knoxville:

Small city Power Plant and Water Towers:

Large city Power Plants and Water Towers:

Deseret Building, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Harbour Centre, Vancouver, Canada:

The Domain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Grand Central Station, New York City, New York


Retail Exchange:

1001 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington:

Sedgwick James Building, Seattle, Washington:

KeyArena, Seattle Washington:

Eagle Gate Plaza, Salt Lake City:

60 Wall Street, NYC:

Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik

Bear Sterns World HQ:

425 Fifth Avenue:

Helmsley Building:

General Motors Building with Fifth Avenue Apple Store:

Sherry Netherlands Hotel:

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin:

New York City Hall:

Walker Building, Salt Lake City:

Trump World Tower, Night Version:

Mile High Tower, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Print at 500%

Faneuil Hall, Boston, Print at 65%

Municipal Building, New York:

Castle Clinton:

Battery Park:

New York World Building:

Hanover National Bank Building

Manhattan Life Assurance Building:

Wainwright Building, St. Louis:

60 Wall Street (1905):

New York Times Building:

Lincoln Building:

Empire Building:

Mather Tower:

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Is there a way to mention how tall the models are when completed. I find I may not always be printing out the models the right way and would like to know how tall they are once completed.

I wonder if the model maker..the designer..could include that info. when posting his model..sort of like Russian Sam does and I wonder if this info could be included on this page.

For example I completed The Nightfly's 590 Madison Ave and I think I made it too stands 6 3/4 inches or 17cm tall. Is that correct?

Just askin'!

Thanks for the help!


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^^ it depends on what scale you are using. find the building height and divide it by the scale to find the right height

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Wow, while I have been in searching of deciding, Ausie was first :)
If my calculations are incorrect, please correct.
The Nightfly uses 1 meter=8 pixels. Is the scale of 1:125. I'm doing in a scale of 1:100.
If printing a drawing with the original resolution, then the model will have a height of approximately 42 cm.
Your model is made in the scale of 1:1082. (?)
I did an experiment - to print in a MS Word drawing 590 Madison Avenue at 1:1000 scale impossible. You can only share it on a few files.
If you want to build a scale model 1:1700 (10.82 cm) should be: see screenshot.
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