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Major facelift for Puduraya bus terminal

THE 30-year-old Puduraya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur infamous for congestion, pollution and crime will soon be losing its seedy image once it undergoes a facelift that will see it transformed into a modern inner-city terminal with contemporary design and first- class facilities.

The facelift, which is estimated to cost RM31mil, with a government funding of RM25mil is aimed at providing travellers and visitors a more conducive and comfortable environment, UDA Holdings managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan said.

The major upgrade and facelift will include three phases — short, medium and long term that will start immediately and is expected to be completed in November next year.

Modern: The waiting area will have small kiosks for the traders in Puduraya.

Upon completion, travellers can expect to see several posh waiting areas with better ventilation and brighter lighting and newer toilets within the building.

“Our short-term plans include upgrading the fire-fighting systems, building a sheltered pedestrian walkway from Puduraya to the Plaza Rakyat Star LRT station, upgrading of the toilets and the waiting areas at the mezzanine floor and setting up a taxi coupon system to curb touting,’’ Jaafar said, adding that for this the company has allocated RM5.3mil.

The medium phase will see the lifts upgraded, the construction of tickets counters at Level 1, construction of a food court at Level 4, which is now operating as a car park and replacing the exhaust fans at basement level.

Long-ter m plans will see the upgrading of the various waiting areas located at Level 1, mezzanine floor.

Ten escalators will be added, as well as lifts for the public and cargo to increase passenger mobility and curb congestion.

To be ugraded: The fourth floor that is currently a carpark will be converted to a food court.

UDA Holdings will also be taking over the management of Hotel Puduraya, which will also be upgraded eventually.

Apart from the modern facade, traders operating at the terminal will eventually have to be relocated to a more modernised kiosk-like setting.

When asked if there would be an increase in rental rates, Jaafar said: “We will look into the needs of the current traders who are renting there.

“While I cannot say much about that now, rental will be staggered,’’ he said.

Jaafar added that UDA Holdings would be working together with the Federal Territories Ministry, the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board under the Prime Minister’s Department and the Finance Ministry to tackle the problems relating to the city’s oldest bus terminal.

He added that after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s walkabout session in April, the Puduraya area was identified as a major source of the daily massive traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur and that immediate steps were needed to improve the situation.

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E-ticketing system to curb touting activities

THE illegal ticket touting activities at the Puduraya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur will hopefully be a thing of the past, if Uda Holdings managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan manages to initiate and implement the e-ticketing system at the bus terminal.

This is in order to solve the one of the bus terminal’s perennial woes such like touts charging exorbitant rates.

“At the moment I cannot do much about this problem since it comes under the jurisdiction of the CVLB under the Prime Minister’s Department, but what I can do is push for this system to be implemented as soon as possible,’’ he said.

Jaafar said that e-ticketing is a necessary change for Puduraya to succeed as a proper bus terminal.

“This is something that must be done if we want to move forward,’’ he added.

Under the proposal, according to Jaafar, the e-ticketing system works on a two tier basis.

“The first would be interaction between the e-ticketing system and the bus operators,’’ he said, adding that some major bus companies like Transnasional and Mara Liner already have its own e-ticketing system.

“Our system will be linked to the system used by Transnasional or Mara so the public will have direct access to these bus companies,’’ he said.

The second system is where passengers could directly purchase tickets via the internet and even SMS.

“If its computerised than you won’t have third parties like touts coming into the picture,’’ he said.

Jaafar also added that the system would also limit the number of tickets that a person could purchase.

Meanwhile, to tackle the issue of congestion outside the terminal, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall had stationed eight officers outside the premises from 9am to 12am to prevent buses from double parking.

Physical barricades had been put in place to ensure that buses don’t park and wait.

Currently 1,000 buses use the terminal on a daily basis with the number hitting 1,400 during weekends.

Almost 100, 000 people utilise the bus terminal during the weekends.

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seems like only transport terminal will upgrade..nothing about The Tower!
Building a sheltered pedestrian walkway from Puduraya to the Plaza Rakyat Star LRT station is VERY good idea!!! :cheers:

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Commuters to enjoy better services, comfort
By Noel Achariam and Sharenjeet Kaur

Property and leisure group UDA Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Jaffar Abu Hassan (left) and Veritas Interior Bhd designer Shamsuddin Wahap looking at the refurbishment plans. — Picture by Nurul Shafina Jemenon

KUALA LUMPUR: Commuters can soon look forward to better services, accessibility and comfort at the Puduraya bus terminal.

The ageing bus terminal and Hotel Puduraya will undergo a facelift to the tune of RM36 million.

Property and leisure group UDA Holdings Bhd is upgrading the 28-year-old bus terminal and the two-star hotel in three phases starting this month.

Its managing director Datuk Jaffar Abu Hassan said the new look is expected to be ready in November next year.

He said of the total cost, RM25 million was allocated by the Ministry of Finance while the rest would be financed by UDA.

Speaking at a press conference at the UDA Holdings Bhd at the Bukit Bintang Plaza, Jaffar said that short-term work has already begun last month.

"We are currently working on phase one, which is changing the chillers, improving the fire-warning system and building the walkways. We will also be looking at the overall infrastructure and the building's facade."

Jaffar said that phase two will involve adding in escalators, walkalators and scenic elevators at all floors.

And phase three will involve the setting up of new and improved food court, improving the ventilation system at the basement and upgrading the waiting area.

To deter the presence of touts at the bus terminal, Jaffar said that they were in discussion with the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) to introduce an integrated e-ticketing service for bus passengers.

"We believe that it will be easier for commuters to buy tickets through online booking and ticketing machines. It will also deter touts at the bus terminal," he said.

Jaffar also said that CVLB has awarded a contract for the introduction of a coupon system for taxis at the bus terminal.

"We hope that by implementing the new system there will be no more haggling with the taxi drivers."

There are also plans to make the bus terminal more disabled friendly.

"On each floor, there will be ramps and railings for the disabled. We will also be upgrading the toilets for them," he said.

The bus terminal caters to about 75,000 commuters daily and the number goes up to about 100,000 travellers on weekends. It services inter-city buses.

Jaafar said UDA would take control of the 12-storey Hotel Puduraya, which has 174 rooms, from Jan 1 next year.

"The hotel is operated by a third party. The refurbishment will be carried out after we take over. We will close the hotel for three months, fast track the works, and reopen by April."
Jaafar said the hotel would be rebranded under the Ancasa umbrella and UDA would apply for a 3-star status for the property.

The Puduraya bus terminal and hotel were built by UDA in 1976 and this is the first major refurbishment for the properties.

For Malaysia!!
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well this sounds good,if this project is completed,then how about the 2nd phase of the Pudu Station which is plaza rakyat??,will it resume back to construction status or it will be cancelled and replaced by a new building or the pudu terminal extension will overtake that site?? ^^ :shifty:

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UDA tidak ambil alih Plaza Rakyat
3 Julai 2009

JAAFAR Abu Hassan (kiri) menunjukkan pelan penambahbaikan
Hentian Puduraya di Kuala Lumpur, semalam.

KUALA LUMPUR 2 Julai - UDA Holdings Bhd., (UDA) tidak berhasrat untuk mengambil alih Plaza Rakyat yang telah terbengkalai sejak sekian lama.

Plaza Rakyat terbengkalai sejak 10 tahun lalu akibat krisis kewangan serantau 1999 bernilai RM419 juta merangkumi bangunan utama pusat membeli-belah tujuh tingkat, enam tingkat bawah tanah dengan 1,600 ruang letak kereta dan hotel bajet mengandungi 157 bilik.

Pengarah Urusan UDA, Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan berkata, tiada sebarang cadangan untuk mengambil alih Plaza Rakyat yang terletak bersebelahan dengan Hentian Puduraya meskipun ada beberapa pihak mencadangkan kepada pihaknya.

Katanya, jika difikirkan kedudukannya adalah strategik namun UDA mempunyai komitmen lain iaitu membuat kerja-kerja penambahbaikan terhadap hentian pengangkutan awam yang berusia berusia 32 tahun itu.

"Tugas kami sekarang adalah untuk membaikpulih dan menaiktaraf Hentian Puduraya selepas kerajaan meluluskan RM30.3 juta untuk kerja-kerja naik taraf bagi keselesaan pengguna," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia selepas taklimat status penambahbaikan Hentian Puduraya di sini hari ini.

Selain itu, kata Jaafar, Hotel Puduraya yang kini dikendalikan oleh pihak ketiga akan diambil alih oleh pengurusan UDA Holdings berkuatkuasa 1 Januari 2010.

Katanya, hotel 174 bilik itu akan dikendalikan oleh bahagian pengurusan hotel UDA Holdings, Ancasa Hotel & Spa selepas kontrak pengendali hotel itu ditamatkan.

"Kita telah menghantar notis kepada pengendali hotel tersebut dan tiada sebarang pampasan dibayar kepada mereka," katanya.

Beliau memberitahu, hotel tersebut akan diubahsuai dan dinaiktaraf sebagai hotel tiga bintang dan bakal memberi keselesaan kepada para pengunjung apabila ia siap nanti.

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The "new" Puduraya will look good, that's for sure... It's time that dodgy old building is given a much-needed facelift! :D

However, why don't they just repaint or clad the hotel building atop the terminal? If the terminal is being upgraded in-and-out, the same should be done for the hotel...

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'Berikan UDA kuasa penuh'

[email protected]

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Julai - UDA Holdings Bhd. (UDA) membuat permintaan kepada kerajaan supaya syarikat itu dilibatkan secara menyeluruh dalam membangunkan terminal perhentian bas utama di negara ini.

Pengarah Urusannya, Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan berkata: ''Kami mahu diberikan kuasa penuh dan terlibat secara langsung bermula dari proses reka bentuk, seni reka, pembinaan hinggalah ke proses penyerahan terminal-terminal bas itu.

''Penglibatan UDA secara langsung di dalam pembinaan terminal bas untuk pengguna ke Utara, Selatan dan Timur akan memberi peluang menang-menang kepada pengendali bas ekspres, penyewa dan juga penumpang,'' kata beliau.

Jaafar berkata, kertas cadangan supaya UDA diberi peluang terlibat secara langsung telah pun dihantar kepada Kementerian Kewangan.

"Cadangan kami adalah berdasarkan penglibatan UDA selama 28 tahun di dalam membangunkan projek selain membuka peluang perniagaan kepada Bumiputera untuk berniaga," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Jaafar berkata, kerajaan telah pun menyerahkan projek pembinaan hentian bas di Tasik Selatan kepada UDA selain meminta penglibatannya secara langsung dan menyeluruh bagi cadangan pembinaan terminal bas bagi laluan ke Utara di Jalan Ipoh dan Gombak untuk laluan ke Pantai Timur.

Beliau menjelaskan dalam kertas cadangan yang dihantar kepada Kementerian Kewangan itu, peranan UDA diharapkan bukan hanya tertakluk kepada fungsi mengurus sahaja tetapi mahu terlibat dari perancangan awal pembinaan hingga kepada penempatan ruang kedai untuk penyewa.

Keputusan melibatkan diri secara langsung di dalam menguruskan 100 peratus terminal bas adalah bagi membuka peluang kepada usahawan Bumiputera mendapat lot-lot perniagaan strategik.

Beliau memberi contoh sebagaimana berlaku di Hentian Puduraya di mana semua urusan kini di bawah pengurusan UDA dan membolehkan syarikat tersebut mengawal sepenuhnya ke atas terminal bas itu.

"Dengan cara sebegini kepentingan penyewa, pengguna dan pengendali bas ekspres dapat dijaga," katanya.
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