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The New: Yankee Stadium

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I have found very little on Design of Future Yankee Stadium. Stadium is proposed to be built within next four years, next to current Yankee stadium.
Could some one post some links/pictures of the future stadium?

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They should do a super futuristic stadium.
FerrariEnzo said:
They should do a super futuristic stadium.
In New York? Ha!

By the way, those are old prelimary plans for a proporsal from about years ago. The new stadium would look nothing like that.
I love the current Yankee stadium but indeed it is time for a change in venue.

Hey FerrariEnzo does that site really give you free iPod's?
I would rather have the current Yankee Stadium over new one, too much history in Yankee Stadium to leave it. But If George says it time to build a new house ("The house that Jeter built"), I would like to see him change several aspects to current plan:

- Build the new stadium in Manhattan.
- Please, do not build a retractable roof stadium or dome.
- Make the new stadium look as much as old one, but not a carbon copy.
- New York is baseball town, bigger the better.


#1-- Proposed Jets stadium/convention center

Yankee stadium over
Jet Stadium

#2-- Lower Manhattan (Battery Park)

Battery Park would make perfect site. You could have homeplate facing the city or river.

#3-- Central Park

Good location, highly unlikely.
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booo! the yankees should never leave yankee stadium. just like the red sox should never leave the green monster. it's sacrilage!
jmancuso said:
booo! the yankees should never leave yankee stadium. just like the red sox should never leave the green monster. it's sacrilage!
Yup yup
The Yankees in any borough other than the Bronx would be a mistake. Much better to spend the money it would cost to build a Manhattan Yankee stadium to redevelop parts of the Bronx. Saying that Yankee Stadium belongs in Manhattan is tantamount to saying the rest of New York City is trash. New York City is not just Manhattan. Anyway, this debate is finished. Steinbrenner wants to stay in the Bronx.

I do think, however, that Yankee Stadium needs a makeover. If it involves having a new stadium built, then I say go for it. I think they can go with a new stadium. I mean the Red Sox won a World Series. If that unfortunate event happened, I think it's easier to stomach a new Yankee Stadium. Curses were broken, maybe new winning traditions can happen for the Yankees in a new building. The Yankees don't lose their history anyway in a new stadium. As long as it's not one of those classical revival stadiums that were in vogue in the 1990s. We have too many of those.

For what it's worth, I think the Mets also deserve a new house. I think something along the lines of a tribute to Ebbets Field (like the plans floated several years ago) would be cool. And for this, I would rather they don't do it at the current Shea Stadium site. I can imagine a Mets Stadium inside an existing neighborhood. Imagine a baseball stadium along the East River? That would be beautiful.
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I would protest any move to manhattan for the yanks, they belong in the Bronx. Thats where the Bronx bombers belong and thats where theyll stay.
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