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Can't think of anywhere to put stuff about Lancashire so here is as good as any I suppose. I have some development news about Rawtenstall so shall post here in a wee bit, if anyone has anything at all then post it here!
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Take it the development is still on going. Theres a quote in this article saying the Valley Centre is still to be demolished.

Do You Support Rawtenstall's Bid to Become a Mary Portas Pilot Town?

Further to the announcement by Grant Shapps, the Local Government Minister, that £1m would be allocated to enable 12 towns and cities to be able to implement these recommendations, towns are now being invited to put forward their bids for a share of this funding, and the support of Grant Schapps, the government and Mary Portas herself.

Blighted for many years by a reduction in footfall, empty shops, supermarkets on the doorstep and the soon-to-be-demolished Valley Centre, Rawtenstall is one such town hoping to win a slice of this funding to become the bustling town centre it deserves to be.

On 15th February Council Officers, business leaders and community representatives will meet at St Mary's Chambers in Rawtenstall to set key priorities, and to explore the development of an innovative shared vision for improving the high street in Rawtenstall. This will form the basis of a bid to the 'Portas Pilots' fund.

The bid already has the support of Rossendale MP Jake Berry, Lancashire County Council, Rawtenstall's Chamber of Trade and Rossendale Borough Council.

If you would like to support the bid, which needs to be submiited by 30th March 2012, please contact Stephen Jackson Head Of Health Housing And Regeneration on 01706 252404 or email [email protected]
£100k doesn't get anywhere near the £30m build cost. I don't see the point but there are bigger problems than just funding. A major problem is the smug landlords who charge silly money for shop fronts that are no where near the value they've been asked to pay. Even some of the big companies have pulled out and while its not what we want to see. There was a McDonalds in Altrincham and the land lord doubled the rent. They refused to pay and moved out. It's been empty since but the same thing has happened to everyone. If you think that's happened in every town centre up and down the land it becomes clear why 10000s of jobs are being lost and why town centres are dead.
Wigan is going for this funding too, its pitiful 12 100k grants to be won, every town in the country will be bidding, say the average bid cost is 5-10k, think how much money wasted!

While on topic of Lancashire, didnt the £100m Tithbarn scheme in Preston recently fall through? The town was building its whole strategy around that development.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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