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Site description: Omo Forest Reserve is located about 135 km north-east of Lagos, some 20 km from the coast. The terrain is undulating and elevation reaches about 300 m on some rocky hills. The eastern border is formed by the Omo river which, with its many tributaries, drain the reserve. Omo is contiguous with five other, highly degraded, Forest Reserves, the largest of which is Oluwa Forest Reserve to the east. The vegetation is mixed moist semi-evergreen rainforest. Due to selective exploitation in the past, the forest is largely mature secondary, with pockets of primary forest along river courses and in other areas where log extraction is difficult. Average annual rainfall is over 2,000 mm.

The large forestland is named after the Omo tree, which is indigenous to the area. The Omo River lies somewhere within the 132,000 hectares of land, which make up the Omo forest reserve. Within this expanse of land is a 460-hectare forest block, to the south of the confluence of the Omo River, which has its tributary in the Owena River. This 460 hectare block is constituted of a so-called ‘virgin’ forest which has been declared a Strict Nature Reserve (SNA) and a Biosphere Reserve by the government

To date, 147 species have been recorded, including the nationally uncommon Canirallus oculeus, Ispidina lecontei, Ceratogymna atrata, Campethera caroli and Parmoptila woodhousei.​
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