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The Other Skyscrapers

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Besides the typical few really tall buildings that get a lot of coverage in the forum, there are many other buildings that are crying for attention. Here is a selection of a few buildings that are normally not seen in Hong Kong threads :

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Nice pics! But manulife is still tall. :)

I love the 1st pic!
nice pictures!
Funny tower with the name Rosedale....if you translate my hometown into English you get Rosedale :)
Great thread. It is so true, so many buildings in HK are overshadowed by the popular ones. The government building with the sphere on top in Western is awesome!

I really like this one:

Great contrast b/w old and new.

Ill try to add on to the thread soon. For starters, here is one, although the skyscrapers arent exactly the focal point.
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Well here are some pictures of me I took last year when I visited Hong Kong. One pics shows the status of the AIG tower in february/early march 2004!! That tower rose and was finished in about 1 year :eek:mg:

Well pics now :

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it is seriously whikkid, i love the vaiarity of them, they are not all colossal and i like that!
Submitted "Urban Dream" into the Urban Photo Contest this week.

Never posted before:

One thing about HK that I love is the hustle & bustle

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wow! those pictures really make me want to go back ;) awesome job :p thanks for sharing!
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