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can you all please stop the one pic a day treads
it's simply TO MUCH
you don't give a chance to people who want to post a big photo tread!

can the moderators please open one new tread " one pic a day" or what ever and in this new tread you can open new treads like "one pic a day of belgium"........

wat do you think??
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Sounds like bullcrap to me. With all good respect but how is it possible to open threads into threads? I dont see any problems with one pic a day-threads for one particular country, as long as there are people willing to post pictures and to watch them.
I like the one pic a day threads. However instead of asking to stop it, it might be more useful to ask if there could be made a sub-forum for the "one pic a day" threads. :)
Keep the one pic a day threads
You have the Urban Showcase for large photo threads - this is for general photography where the one pic a day threads fits perfectly

I say keep them!
i love the one pic a day concept.. i can feed my eyes on beautiful pics of various places daily.. :D
Just open a new forum for the German one.
While they are cool, I do agree that there are way too many of them.
I have advocated making a "Photo Blog" section for a while now. I still think that it would work. All of the "Photo A Day" threads would fit under this potential section.
I don't see any problem with the ''one pic a day threads". I like them because there're not so many threads of specific places where we can see new photos everyday.
I think the photo sections are very fragmented and broken into sections as it is. I think people should exercise free will and not open a thread that they are not interested in. I don't see any problem with the pic a day threads.
The once-a-day threads will all be closed starting tomorrow.

J/k. I think they're a great way to learn about new places
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got me! I thought you were serious! hehe
Because there are so many in here, they already started to invade the "urban showcase". :lol:
I like the one pic a day threads but the problem is that they are starting to crowd out the other threads. There are at least 20 threads that will always be on the top page because they are a pic a day. I think they should have their own subforum.
There's a lot of 'one a day' threads 'cause there's a lot of the world to see. It is a great way for folks to see what the rest of the world looks like , from where they are.
I don't want "one pic a day"
I wanna "five or ten pic a day"
hm okay buth now there is already "toronto one a day" in the urban showcase :s
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