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PRINCIPALITY OF ASTURIES (Principau d´Asturies in Asturian)
Natural Paradise.

El Principado de Asturias es una pequeña comunidad autonoma en el norte de españa:

Asturias is a small province of Spain. The prince of Asturias is the inheritor of the throne of Spain. The official language is the Castilian(Spanish), though also there is Asturian. The capital is Oviedo, with a 212.000 of population.
The founder of the Kingdom of Asturias was the King Pelayo, who was a leader in the glorious battle of covadonga against the Arabs.

Ahora empiezan las fotos de este paraiso natural, el paraíso terrenal a vuestros pies :D:

yo vivo aqui cerca:

Castros celtas:

I hope that you have liked, I wait for your answers :)
Later I will put photos of oviedo, the capital

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Now I will show a thread of Oviedo (Uviéu in Asturian) a capital of Asturias.
Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias, has a population of 212.000 hab. It is, besides, the commercial and business capital, and the administrative and university center of the Principality.

The legend says that the king Fruela went out of hunt with his friends and they stopped to eat in an idyllic place, more or less where the city of Oviedo is nailed today. Along the conversation a question arose: in what place you will go to giving the orders to construct the city that will be the court?, to what the king answered in Latin: " Ubi edo " that it wants to say, " where I eat ".

The city of Oviedo arose on a hill that the Romans were calling Ovetao. His founder was the Asturian king Fruela, son of Alfonso I, who reigned from 757 to 768.
Later, the son of Fruela, Alfonso II the Chaste one moved the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias to this place and turned Oviedo into episcopal headquarters. Besides it strengthened and provided it with palaces, churches and other structures as an aqueduct (today almost missing person, remains a little).

In the year 1075 went to visit Oviedo as pilgrim the king of León and of Castile, Alfonso VI. He opened solemnly the Holy Ark in the church of San Salvador, which was containing many and very good relics that had been hidden in the mount Monsacro, immediately after the Moslem invasion. From this fact, Oviedo and his relics were internationally famous, up to such a point that the pilgrims who were coming to Santiago de Compostela were turning aside in León and were going towards the north to do a high place in this Asturian city and to venerate the relics. In fact there is an ancient saying that it says " The one who goes to Santiago and not to San Salvador, visits the serf and forgets the Gentleman ", indicating therefore that Oviedo was a route forced for the pilgrims of the way.


Plaza de la Escandalera, with the palace of Xunta Xeneral:

Christ in the high of the Monte del Naranco looking at Oviedo:
Culis Monumentalis :D:

Royal Hospice of the Principality, now Hotel

Fountain prerromatic, of the VIIIth century:

Zona del edificio antiguo de la Universidad, fundada en el siglo XVI.

Church neo-románic-bizantina of San Juan el Real

Paseo del Bombé:

King Don Pelayo:

Theatre Campoamor:

Court and tower of the old university with the statue of the founder:

Woody Alen :D:

Theatre Prince Felipe:

Monuments prerromanics:


¡Viva el metro!
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Wonderful region with very friendly people!!
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