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Trade Street

Ritz Carlton with new BofA offices behind it. The development is LEED gold certified.

Buckhead Saloon: Must…Copy…Atlanta…

The base of the new BofA tower.

Looking up.

Another parking lot to fill

This church was very cut off from all street interaction and had a private driveway in front of it. It was all walled in.

See above.

Carillon’s public art.

This building is actually new.

More ugly art.

The Vue, very tall residential.

Infill in the 4th ward near Vue.

What the hell is this?

Speaking of modern. Modern mixed very well with old.

Back on N. Tryon

Garage near Time Warner Center

Sky gardens in the new BofA building

Now on to the suburbs:

Taco Mac!

Now on to Lynx/TODs:

Notice how far away Duke Energy Center/Wells area is from the BofA cluster.

The end. Sunset from Greenville, SC highway.
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