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The Residence, 84 Kirkstall Rd, PRS bldg | 10 fl | U/C

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Time to give this PRS project by KMRE a construction thread.

Flagship PRS scheme in the centre of Leeds delivering 107 modern apartments. Currently under construction and expected to be delivered in winter 2018 this scheme was sold to an institution on a forward committed deal.

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Work commences on £18m PRS home development in Leeds city centre

Property developer KMRE Group has announced the launch a £18m PRS flagship scheme in Leeds city centre.

Building works have now commenced on the brownfield site at Kirkstall Road adjacent to Napoleons casino.

Providing 111 new apartments, 2400 sq ft of commercial premises, 23 parking spaces and shared amenity areas for the future residents, the scheme is due for completion in March 2019.

The proposed development has already been forward sold on completion.

Kam Mogul, managing director for KMRE, commented: “This cleverly designed and well located scheme is now underway as our construction team proceed with demolition and site clearing.

“We are pleased to be starting this high quality development of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments close to the widely anticipated Yorkshire Post building redevelopment.

“It’s located close to the inner ring road and has an array of amenities including restaurants, pubs, and a cinema whilst being within walking distance of the city centre. Attributes that attracted us to the location from the beginning!

“Having already agreed a sale of the whole scheme on build completion, we feel this truly indicates the strength of confidence and appetite to purchase from professional investors in the city.

“Leeds is a vibrant, prosperous city and this PRS development sits alongside our other current project in the city; Mabgate Gateway where we are already on site building 92 PRS apartments.”

KMRE Group are a property development company specializing in residential investment schemes and new homes for owner occupiers.
Dated: 27th Nov 2017
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Not mad keen, but good to see a developer plunging into the City's Resi market with two schemes at once. Hopefully others will follow :)
It's better quality than much of the development along Kirkstall and Burley Roads...
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Fantastic news, it's looks high quality what with the textured brickwork and detailing. Could have easily been a blank wall consider the dire stuff in the area.
I would agree, considering this one is facing directly onto the main road, it has the most important finish of all of this cluster of blocks, and what is proposed and now proceeding looks fairly good from what we can tell from the images.
yeah it looks pretty good, some nice cladding along with that new Foundry block next door. I hope that the planners knock back that hideous looking block proposed for the Highland Pub site, all pubs (and churches) must be saved :)
any new build starting with the potential of a crane on site soon deserves 3 of these: :banana::banana::banana:

This has started with no fuss, not a long drawn out wait....its great to see KMRE group getting on with this project and Mabgate too
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Certainly a very good proposal for the bottom end of Kirkstall Road and the old shop at that site has already been demolished.

Wonder if the plot housing the Khan garage, Maxis restaurant and Napoleons casino and the Office World / PMT Music retail park opposite will eventually be redeveloped considering a lot can certainly be built at those two sites.

Also agree that The Highland pub should certainly be retained.
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I dont mind the look of this generally and good to see a proposal actually being built. My only question though is why do architects (especially in Leeds) seem to think that all residential schemes have to be finished with a dark grey tin box stuck on the top. When did this become a fashion and just why? I really dont get it.
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I was wondering the same, I can see how they can justify it when it's a lightweight extension to an existing building but why on a new build like this? It just cheapens the look of the whole scheme to me.
Drilling rig on site today with more activity taking place
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About a million percent better than that dandara dross
Still piling on site today, but there is a crane base on site now so I expect things should progress to the next stage soon.
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