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Needs more Tokyo!
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1. Kermit can't enter without filling in his immigration forms!

2. Finally completed...

3. Kermit studies the flight plan!

4. Relaxing first class...

5. Meeting up with some old friends from the previous visit:

6. Kermit at the presentation of his own book!

7. Kermit and a nice man from the skyscrapermuseum:

8. Kermit trying to get into his hotelroom, but the keys won't fit into the door!

9. Finally in with the help of some staff... Eating something:

10. And watching some tv:

11. Going out to visit the statue of liberty!

12. Going up on The Rock:

13. Woooow!

14. Kermit trying out the latest fashion!

15. Sending some mail home!

16. Kermit likes balls!

17. Ahem...

18. Kermit and his bodyguards!

The Original is The Best
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I just love the Kermit series. Next time, I want to meet him in person! Good thing he did not fall right into the post office box.

I see Kermit likes to do yoga (downward facing dog) too.

:colgate: :eek:kay:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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