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Welcome to the Nigerian forum and we hope you enjoy your stay. If you are new to the forum, familiarize yourself with the sub forums for a few days by going through old posts/topics.

1. You are responsible for what you post, use your common sense!
Strictly NO advertising!!

2. Multiple accounts are forbidden, if caught both accounts will be banned

3. This forum is mostly about projects, skyscrapers, buildings, infrastructure and urbanization, so keep politics out.

4. Debate/Discuss with fellow forumers with respect and good ethics.

5. Do not Question your Local Mod how He/She runs a Forum in an open forum, as this will get you Brig or Banned, if you have any questions or issues, please use the PRIVATE MESSAGE.

6. Do not have discussions in a Photo-based Thread, Anyone who continues to break this rule will be brig or Banned.

7. No hateful messages. This includes, racism, sexism, tribalism, xenophobia, religious bashing, open support of terrorism, homophobia, ultra nationalism or provincialism. If you generally have a problem with an entire group of people because of their nationality, religion, race or sexuality, keep it to yourself.

8. Keep mass posts of pics to a maximum of 6 pics per post.

9. State the source of the photos & give credit to the photographer if known

10. Resize images to a sensible resolution so they may be viewed more readily by others

11. Post good photos, do not post Photos that are too dull to see the image on it.

12a. Do not post bad photos to mock a city, region or a group of people for their lack of development in Nigeria, you will be banned

12b. Do not create a City Gallery of another country anywhere in Nigerian forum as its considered as spamming

12c. Do not post pix of another Country's Cities or Buildings to compare it to Nigeria as its considered as spamming. You will be brigged or Banned.

13a. Do not spam the Abuja & Lagos photo threads with old photos that have been posted before, only post new photos, repeated offenders will be brig or banned (you've been warned.)

13b. Post in the right forum, continued posting in wrong forums will be considered spamming

14. Discussions about religions, tribes or race are off limits.

15. if a forumer is misbehaving, Either report it to the moderators or use the 'Report Bad Post' option

16. No intentionally posting comments with the agenda to incite an argument! Personal attacks, Trolling, Flaming, overt negativity, baiting, etc. This rule is especially applicable to forumers or trolls who hijack a thread, with an agenda

17. Extremist or racist literature of any nature from any group is not tolerated and will be deleted!

18. If you are posting an article, always state the source & link of the articles

19. No Advertising...No creating threads or multiple posts of any kind about your own site, a product you sell, a group you belong to etc, without prior approval of a moderator

20. Graphic and pornographic pictures ( or words) are not accepted on this forum

21. Signature lines & avatars should not have nationalistic, combative, racist or any other kind of commentary which may offend others

22. Starting a discussion about a banned forumer and moderator bashing. If a forumer is banned, use private message. Don't create a thread: "why X is banned?" We'll no longer answer those anymore. We'll just delete those. Recreating a second one will get you brigged or Banned.

19. If you continually fail to comply with forum rules, you will be first brigged, then banned permanently. Serious violation of rules will lead to an immediate banning.
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