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So as not to keep cluttering up the Pinnacle thread; W.R. Berkley in talks with Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) to design a new 40 story tower on 52-54 Lime Street (27 Leadenhall Street). W.R. Berkley are currently based at 40 Lime Street opposite the Lloyds Building and Willis building and have bought the land.

July 11, 2012 11:30 pm
US insurer to scale up European profile - From

Do you reckon they might want to build this on the Pinnacle site? They say next door to Lloyds and I can't think of any other locations?

A large US insurer has struck a deal with the City of London to build its own skyscraper, underlining the rapidly growing presence of international insurers in the Square Mile.

WR Berkley, which has a market value of $5.4bn, is understood to have agreed terms with the City’s planning authorities to construct a 40-storey tower next door to the offices of Lloyd’s of London.

WR Berkley is among the largest providers of insurance to midsized companies in the US. The company is scaling up its operations in Europe, with offices in Germany, Ireland, Spain and Norway. The agreement to build its own skyscraper follows a flurry of deals by US insurers to expand their office space in the centre of London, taking advantage of the shrinking of banks, which have long dominated the City office market.

In January, Aon signed a lease on 191,000 sq ft of office space in the nearby Leadenhall building, under construction and nicknamed the Cheese Grater. Meanwhile, Markel took up a 51,000 sq ft pre-let agreement last month on Land Securities’ 36-storey Walkie-Talkie building.

The building would become one of five skyscrapers under construction in the Square Mile, which, in contrast to the low levels of development outside of the UK capital, has seen a spike in demand for new office space. The buildings are expected to capture some of the demand arising from lease expiries and breaks, expected to hit 3m sq ft a year in the City until 2017.

However, the City is undergoing a transformation in terms of its occupiers. Many of the large investment banks have relocated to Canary Wharf, favouring the wide floor plates and ability to have all of their staff in one building. The cost of office space in the City is also a big driver. Prime office rents in Canary Wharf are at £36 per sq ft a year, compared with £55 per sq ft in the City.

The departure of many traditional occupiers has opened the door for other industries, such as technology, media and professional services businesses.

However, it is the rise of the insurance sector in the City market which has spurred on letting activity during the first half of this year. A recent report from CBRE, the estate agents, said that there are 13 insurers actively searching for a combined 1m sq ft of office space in central London.

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hay guys this may be a stupid question but i cant work out how to subscribe to this thread so it shows up with my other subscriptions because they was there when i created an account
Top of the thread. Thread tools. Subscribe to thread.
Looks like this is the planning application.

12/06379/OBS | Application made under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 to redevelop the 52-54 Lime Street and 34 - 35 Leadenhall Street with a new office tower comprising approximately 58,000sq.m gross external floor space. The development would comprise with one building with to 34 floors, rising to approximately 206m AOD. | Lime Street City Of London London EC3M 7QD;jsessionid=C31E7F61101626E84EC0385CB41DC02A?previousCaseUprn=010033607072&previousCaseType=Property&previousKeyVal=KHQAYGRP0QQ00&activeTab=summary&previousCaseNumber=KHQAXARP0QQ00&keyVal=M68APORP01R00
Odd that this is on Westminster's planning site. This site is clearly in the CoL's jurisdiction. Their planning website is being rather flakey right now, so can't dig up details on it. Annoying.
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a new office tower comprising approximately 58,000sq.m gross external floor space. The development would comprise with one building with to 34 floors, rising to approximately 206m AOD
I just did a quick take-off from gmaps. The site itself has an area of about 1,900m². The stated gross external of 58,000m² divided by 34 floors gives an area of about 1,700m² per floor (assuming a prismatic shape). Part of the site gets very close indeed to Willis - this part is almost exactly 200m², therefore leaving 1,700m² to be extruded upwards. Assuming these constraints leaves no room for a particularly fancy sculptural shape.

So what on earth is on top of this simple shape to take the AOD to 206m?
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Interesting to note that the site is larger than we first thought - it's the whole block with the exception of 38 Leadenhall, which is this building:

The site plan creates a new triangular public space, which gives Willis room to breath.

The planning and design/access reports have lots of renders and diagrams, but they're in a terrible low resolution and are not worth posting here.
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Man that canyon effect down leadenhall really is superb
Why have they had to dismantled part of the form?
The core shrinks in size as it goes up, as not all elevators go all the way up. This level (14) isn't included on the sales brochure website, but you can see there's a bank of 4 elevators that are there at level 12 but gone by level 19.

It steps in again at level 27
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22 is not so bad on one angle (the side with the tiers) the other side is too blocky and has been poorly designed.
Unfortunately the revised (and approved) design is no longer tiered
^^ Is that the fireproofing?
Yep, intumescent paint. It expands when heated, thus insulating the steel from the fire.

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Also, the square in front of this and bordered by Aviva and Leadenhall Building is now finished after a long period of renovation - it looks good, but I wish they'd added some trees
It'll all get torn up again when 1 Underhall happens, so no real point in trees.
The materials are great. Corten and white ceramic. I'm glad it lost its pyramidal hat. Would have been a bit cheesy IMO
Is the "roof" going to be louvers all the way up?
I always imagined it was gong to be glass.
It's louvres. The facade maintenance crane sits flush with them, just like One Blackfriars.
Reflection of the sun. The shard does this too, if the angles are right.
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