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The skyscraper Quiz

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game rules:

1. A Player shows a skyscraper (150m or more)
his choice. From his country or any other country.

2. The player must save the image, reflect
and then re-upload among other name(Photobucket, Flickr).
This prevents the image on google search can be found.

3. He may give only one hint, where the building is located.
He must describe the location.

4. The other players have to guess where the building is located and how it is called.

5. The first who gave the correct answer receives one point.
He may then begin the new rate round.

6. Postet the winner of a round not in 1 hour a new image,
so may all the other players open up a new round.

7. The point is only counted if the response from the questioner or the game manager was counted as correct.

8. If a task is not answered within 24 hours, the questioner can show a new building.



Each player must disclose his score in this thread.
This means that he writes the number of points in each new post so the other players can see how many you already he scored.

After 10 points, the player gets a star.

After 10 stars, the player gets a royal crown.

Higher cannot ascend a player then.
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^^ Shenzhen, China
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^^ I remember seeing that pic somewhere else.

I 'll post mine.. give me few minutes.
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Allright here it is.

Tip - This building is situated in one of the Alpha+ cities.
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