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The streets of Melbourne

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Let's begin with the first street one finds entering the city from the south...

Swanston Street, Marvellous Melbourne

Photographs taken over the past three years, enjoy. :)

From south-end to north-end

Part 1

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Part 3

Three businessmen who bought their own lunch.

The city centre has benefited from people making it their home, bringing it back to life at all hours so it is no longer just the business centre of a dormitory metropolis. There are now fewer dead parts to the city. Relaxed licensing laws have resulted in a proliferation of small bars, cafes and restaurants that keep the city active.

Norman Day, May 2008

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Terrific takes on Swanston Street Collector. How good does our elegant and soaring old city look as it undergoes a population boom - fastest-growing in raw numbers in Australia!
Seems that half of Melbourne is posting in the Urban Showcase now, the more the merrier.

Great way to start off a thread Pete, your postcards on Melbourne series will be one I watch with interest and vigour. In four years time you'll have to come back and edit the CUB complex into the above post.
Thanks for the feedback all!
A lot more to come. :)
wow, great pics The Collector!!!
Wow, I love the tram and the modern architecture of Melbourne :D The old architecture is great as well :)
Very nice! Melbourne's architecture is really great! Thanks for sharing! ;)
Very nice Pete... such a picture perfect town....!
Ugh. I am so jealous that I don't live in Melbourne. Every single thread just makes it look more and more amazing. It seems to me, even more so than some of the bigger cities, to be the shining example of urbanism and city life in the 21st century.
I am starting to think that Durban SA and Melbourne look alike based on photos. Wonderful pics of a vibrant city.
The next street you hit running east west.

Flinders Street, Marvellous Melbourne

From east-end to west-end
Part 1

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Wonderful pics "The collector" :cheers: Really great work :)
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