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the three 京(capital)city Tokyo Beijing Nanjing

The chinese letter "京“ means capital

there are three“ 京” citys in east asia :

東京(writed in japanese and chinese ) or Tokyo;Toking (english)
it means the capital in east

北京(writed in japanese and chinese) or Peiking ;Beijing(english)
it means the capital in north

南京(writed in japanese and chinese) or Nanking; Nanjing(english)
it means the capital in south

The three "京“ city are reapectively now or used to be the capital of China and Japan

now let`s have a view of the modern skyscraper of the 3 city

through this thread i want to say the historic and cultural tie between China and Japan is the most tightening ,and it will never been breaken

i'm a hanoian
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In the 15th century Hanoi's name was Đông Kinh (東京, same characters that are currently used for Tokyo).
During colonial time, the French later used an westernised version (Tonkin, 東京) to refer to the whole northern part of Vietnam.
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