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#The Towers - 14F - Residential - Goodwood

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Name: The Towers
Location: 114 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood, Cape Town
Status: Approved
Floors: 14
Use: Residential Apartments

The latest offering in contemporary design arises with The Towers in Goodwood. Spawning modern day lifestyle facilities, it also offers security and spacious living surrounds. The development places emphasis on Affordability and Exclusivity.

Offering Bachelor, 1 Bedroom & 2 Bedroom units, The Towers provides the investor and resident the option of securing an exclusive property in time for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Facilities includes 24 hour Manned Security, Views, Secure & Safe Parking with controlled access. The ultimate investment for a modern Yuppie lifestyle!
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So far there aren't any renders available. But this is from Property Trader...

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The TygerBurger newspaper this week reports that the Foodprop Group of companies will commence construction of this 240 apartment development in August this year with completion mid 2010.
I'm not such a fan of the design, but height is good nevertheless.
^^ Fannytastic find Mo, that is gorgeous. As for this development, all I can say is :eek:hno:
ya but for 500k and Goodwood thrown in for good measure, what do you expect?
Not-so-good design but well priced.
lol, CT is getting its 2nd set of twins
let's put coloured balconies on a boring building and call it cool, the one in london I mean.The Goodwood towers are no different to anything built thirty years ago,sorry for the negativity but really,can't we do any better?
You guys may not know this.... but when Edward Heights, Mark Heights, Libertas (now known as Liberty Grande) and the old age home were built in Goodwood, it was envisioned that there would be a high-rise triangle, called Liberty Triangle in that area... somehow this never happened and those 4 buildings remained the only ones above 12 storeys in the area. So these two twins, even though possibly beyond the boundaries of the triangle, are in a way beginning to fulfil the original dream of Goodwood!!! :)
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Okay but still,why does it have to look like it's outdated even before it came off the drawing board? Here in Gauteng we still see too much brown brown and brown in our hot climate and places are still named LaResidence this and LaPlace that(and I'm not even talking about Pretoria) and it's all very shi shi poo poo la la la as Oprah would say.Are we too scared to take two ugly towers and make one tall pretty one? I think we do 70's retro cos we're not daring enough,we're too quick to be satisfied with our own lot.
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AGHEM... has anyone seen where these towers are being built! What did anyone expect? "GOEHD-OEHD" *Say fast with a very flat accent* :nuts::lol:
:D ja okay fine, besides in my neck of the woods "good wood" means something entirely different
Jissis, julle is mislik.
:hammer:I'm all for Durbanville, Welgemoed, Plattekloof, TygerValley... I even lived in Boston for a while when I was younger... Not scared of the Boereworsgordyn, however GOEDOEHD is pushing it a bit! :devil:
Well, if SUBURBIA is your thing, then you'll be happy as a pig in shit in Welgemoed, Durbanville, Riebeekshof, Kanonberg, Plattekloof, Eversdal and all those places where you have to get in your car and drive just to get to the nearest shop.... Goodwood is much more urban, because of Voortrekker Road and Milton Road, as well as Vasco Boulevard. It's also got Goodwood, Vasco, Elsies River, Acacia Park and Monte Vista stations, which just make the place a bit more accessible and inclusive. I lived in Durbanville for years in a neighbourhood where there was not a black or coloured person to be seen (except for garden boys and domestic workers), and I absolutely hated the exclusivity of the place. So I'd much rather live in Goodwood or Thornton than to ever live in Welgemoed.

At the moment I'm in Boston, which seems to bee a nice mix of leafy streets (the Welgemoed and Eversdal aspect) and smaller plots i.e. higher density living (the Goodwood aspect).

But I suppose we all have our own preference....
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Probably the same reason I chose Boston... But, at the end of the day... for me anyway... nothing beats the city bowl! That will always win hands down for me! :)
As well, for me, race/religion/orientation is not a factor in choosing where I'd like to be, don't care if there are more whites, more Asians, more blacks, more coloureds, gays/lesbians, more moslems, more christians in a certain locale, I chose for aesthetics of the suburb, attractiveness of the buildings, security, amenities and fun fun fun... thus the City, whoopee!
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the towers? who thought up this imaginative name?
:hammer:I'm all for Durbanville, Welgemoed, Plattekloof, TygerValley... I even lived in Boston for a while when I was younger... Not scared of the Boereworsgordyn, however GOEDOEHD is pushing it a bit! :devil:
Rude b*tch! :)

I've been living in Goodwood (Glenwood) for the past 8 years!
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