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The 'Ultima' Tower, 10,560 feet, 500 fl

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May 5, 2008 Forward-thinking architects are looking upwards in an effort to control a global population that is growing by around 2.2 per cent every year and becoming ever more concentrated in crowded cities. Eugene Tsui is taking nature as the inspiration for his 2-mile high, one-mile wide Ultima Tower, capable of housing up to a million people. Designed to be virtually impervious to wind, water and earthquakes, the massive tower is conceived less as an architecture project but as a series of mini-ecosystems within which other architectural projects can be developed. And it offers some ingenious ideas on energy production, water use and intra-colony transport. At US$150 billion a pop, you wouldn't expect to see the Ultima being built any time soon, but as population pressure increases, it's pioneering ideas like these that will form the inspiration for real-world solutions.

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this tower will never become reality, at least not in the next 50 years.....can a mod please close that thread?
Err... this section is for serious, material proposals, not visions.
I know this tower for years and its absolutely a fantasy. :eek:hno:
Is this tower physically feasible with concrete structure? (like burj dubai)

Even if it is, pouring concrete 3200 metres above in the sky would be too bad temp.

never in a million years.
no, not impossible i think
My first thoughts:
- Hardly any usable area because of the massive construction
- If a building like Burj Dubai take up to 5 years of constructing and this building is, lets say, 20x thicker (in two directions) and 5x higher my guess for the constructiontime is 5*20*20*10= 2000 years. (excl. preparing it ;)
- Developers want to be sure a building will make profit. How will they know it starting this??
- The bigger a building, the more installations are required. This is madness..
- Environment will suffer under this so much, many people will try to stop such ideas (although I think it would be wonderful!)

This are just some thoughts and my opinion, it would be nice to discuss it! Without visions no innovation.
Not impossible but uneconomical and impractical :).

I dont think it looks too good either but that is a matter of taste and such.
I doub it.
hehe they need to build some concret-factorys in the higher floors ^^ ... sometimes iwish i could live forever haha would like to see that in real ... but we´ll never see that

The only stuff Eugene Tsui has ever made is crappy-looking paper-mache houses. I doubt anyone ever took him seriously with this idea.

never in a million years.
believe me, it is possible to build this tower, but it will never happen...and i don't want this tower, looks ugly
Is there a section for visions?
believe me, it is possible to build this tower, but it will never happen...and i don't want this tower, looks ugly
It's indeed ugly. but you don't decide if it gets built or not ;)
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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