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Great thread. :applause:

Somalia has an abundance of marine life and it we have plenty of coral reefs and diving spots along our long coast... :D

LOL, there is some truth to it though, even historic heritage from as recent as the 15th century lies submerged beneath Somalia's coast, there is no telling what sea-encroachment did to B.C era lost cities like Opone, Malao, Essina, Sarapion, etc.

After the 2004 tsunami hit India, a whole historic city, completely intact, was found there.
Yh that reminds me of a recent BBC documentary where archeologists were mapping an ancient under-water city off the coast of Greece. Somalia has a lot or historical and other artifacts of archeological significance in abundance. Some researchers like Dr. Sada Mire and also the French team that recently went to Somalia, have already started uncovering some of the major historical sites, but its only the tip of the iceberg. Kudos to Dr. Mire though, she is doing a lot to preserve the historical sites and has even employed teams of locals to act as rangers protecting, guarding, mapping etc. of all the historic sites. She has also set up a website. But regular archeology and under-water archeology are two very different things and the latter requires niche-specialists.
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