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The following pictures divided in 3 threads were taken in the
morning of Saturday, May 21st during a walk from my house in
northern Ramat gan, through Central RG into Givaatayim, up the
Kazolevsky hill, and up a 15 story rooftop a bit more south, than
on the way back through east ctrl Ramat Gan, the pics will be
divided to 3 ~25 pics threads:
-RG streets and Kazolevsky hill
-Rooftop views
-more RG streetscapes

Most of you have prorbably seen here (and elsewhere) some pics
of the Ramat Gan/Tel aviv skyline, here you will get a glimpse
of 'inside' views from within the heart of the metropolis, views
that are rarely or never seen here, also you'll see quite rare
angles of the skyline.

Let us begin, the Citygate building, tallest building in Israel rises
above the street

the block complex above Oasis theatre, i'll just call them
the 'Oasis towers'

Z'abotinsky street, a main transportaion route for the Metropolin,
looks calm on a saturday morning

'Shderot Hayeled' a very nice street with great ficus trees
sheltering (scrll--->>>)

and Bialik street

a street leading up the scopus hill

the Optima tower hotel, a nice building

a street leading up 'Har Ha'Banim', the whole area of this tour is
very hilly

The anthena on the Kazolevsky hill, with the combined height of
the anthena and the hill, this is one of the most visible landmarks
in the Tel Aviv Metro

climbing up the Kazolevsky hill, start to get views of the skyline,
the Azrieli towers are about 2-3 km west of here

the street leading up the hill, gets pretty steep after the curve

Oh, and finally we're getting a nice street-to-skyline view

No words needed, Downtown Tel Aviv behind vegetation in the
middle of the hill (scrll-->)


Givaatayim buisness complex

the anthena

Downtown Tel Aviv (scrll --->>)

hilly hilltop

from a small beautiful park on the hill you can see the Ramat Gan

Azrielis and the Marganit tower

and let us finish this part with the known panoram from the great
Kazolevsky hill. (scrll--->>>)

cheers, :hi: i'll probably post the next 2 parts later today or
tomorrow, stay tune to the Urban Hiker, Thanks to ImageShack
for Free Image Hosting
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