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Second part of my tour is fully dedicated to the views from a ~15
stories roof of a residential building in Givaatayim, though it was
high noon and the sun was sunbathing the city i got some
sweeet images, here are 27 pics including 4 long panoramas.
we all know there's nothing better for an urban hiker than a tall
rooftop, being up there, alone above a whole city.
don't forget to scroll when there's were to.
no comments on these pics, just let them say a 1000 words (x27)

sorry, but i do have to make some comments, first a note- all
those flags everywhere are still there because we just celebrated
Israel 57th independence day two weeks ago.

here's a residential tower across the street up

and across the street down


the great hiria landfill (currently functioning as a deserted radioactive mountain)

a country club near the building-

*Panoramas #3&4 are already posted in another thread


Pan#2 *check out how well the Juda&Samaria mountains are
visible behind the haze, smogg and sunglare


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