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Last part of this tour will take you thorugh streets of central
Ramat Gan, now since this part is not that big i decided to add
some different pics from another location as 'bonus'...

so here we begin, after i got of the roof of part 2, i headed
homeward, here's the 'Har Habanim' hill above the street, some
day i'll take some pics from the top of that tower up there, it's
really a great spot

Ben-Gurion street, very calm under the saturday noon sun

into central Ramat Gan

toward 'Rambam' square (scrll-->)

the Citygate rising above the square


Rambam Square

"shderot hayeled", again (if you remember from the first part)

i love ficus trees

this one's cool

the oasis towers

'El-Ram' building

Zabotinsky street

the gruner tower

more ficus

and we'll end this Urban Hiker tour with this bunch of trees

That's it.

Next from the Urban Hiker- voyage across the Yarqon river urban
wilderness (watch for a distance kick-ass sunset panomanics)
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