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#TheGlengariff - 9F - Mixed Use - Sea Point | Complete

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"The Glengariff is a boutique development that will allow residents to experience luxurious living in a niche commercial area. The 38 designer apartments, with six penthouse apartments on the ninth level, combine contemporary style with sophisticated architecture."

Includes 316m2 retail on ground level, 24m2 retail on level 2, 127m2 office

Occupancy scheduled for mid-2019

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I liked the sobriety of colors and the use of glass.
Existing (ugly) building almost completely demolished now - so things are moving ahead!
The heading should be changed from "Demolition" to "Under Construction" now.
Im glad the trees weren't removed/damaged
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Does anyone know if there are tenants in the retail space yet?
Not sure if anything has been secured but was very much empty as of today.
I think the heading should now be changed from "under construction" to "complete". While driving by a few days ago I noticed that people were already living in the building.
Thank you. Completed indeed yes, except retail space still very much empty. Went there on Tuesday.
Looking for commercial kitchen opportunities :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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