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There Goes a Giant, Expensive Fish

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Hong Kong anglers let big cash bonanza get away

HONG KONG, April 25 (Reuters) - Three Hong Kong anglers thought they had hit the big time when they sold their rare giant fish for HK$20,000 ($2,560) -- but they missed out on a HK$1 million bonanza, a newspaper reported on Friday.

The 85-kg Chinese Bahaba, also known as a giant yellow croaker, is believed to be the largest caught in Hong Kong in 10 years, Hong Kong's Apple Daily newspaper reported.

One of the anglers, a housewife called Mickey, was photographed lying beside the 1.68-metre (five-and-a-half-ft) fish after it had been hauled ashore, following a titanic 90-minute struggle.

The trio quickly sold the fish to a local fisherman for HK$20,000 thinking they'd hit the jackpot, but without realising the croaker's true value, the paper reported.

The fisherman subsequently sold the rare giant fish -- which is highly prized for its costly swim bladder or fish maw -- to a seafood restaurant for HK$580,000.

The speculation didn't stop there. The fish was resold to a mainland Chinese buyer for over HK$1 million ($126,000), the newspaper reported.

The giant yellow croaker has become critically endangered and few survive to maturity given overfishing.
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I heard the story that the $20k was already a second buyer price. The first one was the boat man that drove the couple out the sea willed to pay couple thousands for the fish, but then the couple called their friend's and who called his fisherman relative to tell the couple not the sell for only a couple thousands, but over five digits which was nothing compares to 1 million now.
WOW. Big money!
lol what a fish... costing more than an E-class Mercedes!!
HK$1 million for a fish.. indeed big money :lol:

I wonder what the anglers were thinking to sell that rare fish for HK$20.000
There must be a lot of mercury in there to salvage. :)

A picture of the fish can be seen in the story above. Very hugh fish, sad it is going to extinct.

Does anyone not think it rather sad that.

1. This has happened.
2. People are paying big bucks to eat an endangered species.
3. No one has mentioned the fact that it is an endangered species in a negative light, and that all the comments are on just how expensive this fish is to eat compared to a car. (EDIT: except for that last post)
4. There are probably many many many orders of magnitude more e-class mercedes than this species of fish.

Typical HK.

Biodiversity is the most precious thing on this planet.
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