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This is Saxony

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Saxony, a federal state in Eastern Germany close to Poland and the Czech Republic, was founded as a medieval duchy in the Middle Ages. Later it was a electorate, a kingdom and a republic. Due to the immense wealth of the Ore mountains Saxony was one of the richest regions of the Holy Roman Empire and already during the late Middle Ages the majority of all Saxons lived in towns. In the 16th century it became the heartland of the Protestant reformation. Later Saxony often sided with Austria and therefore lost power and territory mostly to Prussia. In the 19th and early 20th century it was, next to the Ruhr region, one of the industrial powers of Germany. During WW2 the three big cities, Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz, suffered badly, whereas most smaller towns survived the war without major damages.
Anyway, we start were Saxony started, in

Most of Saxony was previously settled by Slavs. Meißen was the first stronghold of the German conquerors to subdue and convert the Slavs, and it became the cradle of the future Saxon state. The castle was founded in 929, the diocese in 968. In 1485 the margraves moved to Dresden and Meißen lost its importance, and only with the discovery of the European porcelain the town regained some fame.
Meißen wasn't destroyed in WW2.

So, here we go. We will visit the Albrechtsburg with the cathedral, which dominates the town, later:

First we visit the old town, which s completely preserved. Lets go:

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Fantastic pictures! You did a great job. :applause:
It's nice to discover such a gem. I only knew the town for its porcelain production.

I'm waiting for more!
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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