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Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill...............the three flag cities that make up the great Triangle with smaller towns nestled in between.

Durham, NC

Suntrust Tower- one of the cities tallest and most notable landmarks

Raleigh, NC

2 Hannover Square- the city's tallest skyscraper

Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill is home to the famed University of North Carolina and the top ranked nationally recognized UNC Memorial Hospital. Chapel Hills tallest buildings are in this area with a range of 9-12 story midrise towers.

I was thinking of the things I thiought the traingle needs as oppose to what the area already boasts and have...............

We have national/international recognition in:
Medical Sector: Duke Uni. Med Ctr., UNC Hospitals & the VA Med. Ctr.
Colleges and Universities: Duke, UNC, NC State and notible HBCUs, Shaw Uni. & St. Augustine's College
Most of all , the famed Research Triangle Park

Roads to success:
A growing population, a healthy economy and educated population.
develop boom from 480 ft skyscrapers to the preservation of historic storefronts and tobbacco factories.
regional public transportation, construction of major highways and thoroughfares
a diverse cultural scene (music, arts and theatre)
strong college sports presence
major med/upscale malls w/national stores

After saying all of that, I still feel that something missing. Amongst all the nationally recognized museums (NC Museum of Life & Science, The NC State of Natural Science, NC State Museum of History & of Art), I still feel that something is missing that would attract tourist to our region.....I just can't put my finger on it.

First, I thought that we would need a national amusement park chain, but with one two hours to the north of us and two and a half hours to the south of us....there wouldn't be a need. (its still may not be a bad idea). those who are familiar with the area and those who have some sightful opinions (without snide, smart-ass comments) please enlighten me.
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