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Thru Thonglor | 33 Storey | Phetchaburi

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Name : True Thonglor Condominium
Developer : Pool Asset Co.,Ltd
Location : New Petchburi Road, nearby Thonglor Road
Project Description : 33 Storey Condominium Tower
Launch : August 2009

Rendering :

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July 22, 2009

Hey.. it looks really nice :)
At first when i saw the name of this project, I thought it will be the new office building for TRUE. 555555!!!!!

ตอนนี้กำลังปลื้ม maha nakhon....555
Mahanakorn Mahanakorn!!!!!!!!
I wondered when that one would finally get started. I also wonder who owns the abandoned Morakot hotel next door; that has been left unused for years now!
อ่านะ เห่อหลานกันจริ๊ง :lol:
Another nice project in Thonglor.
They Changed the design a bit.

WOW nice render krub khun Chad!!!! Thx krub.

สวยดี :eek:kay:
Pool Assets sends off THRU Thonglor, a 1.8-billion-Baht condominium project set to answer the urban lifestyle of the new generations in Thonglor area.

Pool Assets sends off THRU Thonglor, a 515-unit condominium project with a combined value of 1.8 BN in Thonglor area. Adjacent to Airport Link, BTS and MRT, the project is meant to answer the urban lifestyle of the new generations. At a starting price of 59,000 Baht per SQM or 1.8 MB for one bedroom suite, the project will be officially on sale on this coming October 17, 2009. With Century 21 (Thailand) as project marketing and sale consultant, the company targets 60% presales by the end of this year.
Mr. Sombat Sangratkanjanasin and Mr. Kitimet Kittiakkarapat, Managing Director of Pool Assets Co., Ltd., discloses today that the company is launching THRU Thonglor, a 35-story condominium project on New Petchburi Road adjacent to Thonglor Intersection. With a combined project value of 1.8 BN, the project has a total of 515 residential units and 18 commercial units. Designed to serve the lifestyle of the new generations; it targets at working adults or modern tasteful families yearning for a convenient life in Thonglor area. With its superb location in a high potential downtown area, the project is easily commuted via Airport Link, BTS, and MRT as well as conveniently connected to several main roads,e.g. New Petchburi Road, Ratchadapisek Road, Sukhumvit Road, Rama 9 Road, and Ramkamhaeng Road. All these add up and make all travels, either for business or pleasure, easy and comfortable ones. And as the project is strategically located in a high quality neighborhood, the company is confident that it would receive good response from its targets.

Given the improving general economic outlook, when Airport Link starts its services in the beginning of December 2009, this will activate extensive activities and travelling along Airport Link line and attracts all kinds of investments to the area. Since it is difficult to find a sizable plot of land at reasonable price in Sukhumvit area, the general outlook of New Petchburi would turn more positive in the future. Old shop houses would then be converted into new office buildings and condominiums, as the rising trend would make it more feasible for investments. As concretely seen today, while many developers have just expressed their interest to build more condominiums in the area, Pool Assets is among the far-sighted pioneers to have announced the launch of this project.
“Our shareholders have more than 20 years of extensive experience in real estate business. We have developed many successful low-rise and high-rise projects, e.g. The Station, which offers two 17-story buildings totaling 675 units in Sathorn-Bangrak area. This project has achieved almost 100% presales to date. And so far 60% have been transferred, while the remaining is expected to be transferred by the end of this year. In each and every project that we operate, we conduct thorough market feasibility study as well as dig deep into our customers’ needs and wants. Therefore, we are highly confident that the project potential and location will naturally make it a success. Now with Mr. Kittisak Champathippong of Century 21 Realty Affiliates (Thailand), as project marketing and sale consultant, it is even more convinced that the project will beautifully succeed. As a test, we have unofficially put the project on sale at Centrual 21 Pavillion in the 21st Home and Condo Expo at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center last week and received very good response from our targets”.
“As a promotional price to go with the official project launch on this coming October 17, 2009, we will initiate our starting price at only 59,000 Baht per SQM or 1.8 MB for one bedroom suite. Since our first presales at the beginning of September 2009, we have already achieved 25% presales and expect that we would be able to achieve 60% presales by the end of 2009.” Mr. Sombat and Mr. Kitimet concluded.
The THRU Thonglor is a 35-story residential condominium project. With 515 residential units and 18 retail units, the project has a combined value of 1.8 BN. It is conveniently located on New Petchburi Road adjacent to Thonglor Intersection. It is developed by Pool Assets Co., Ltd. on a 2-3-72-rai plot of land. The project offers a variety of suites to choose from, for example, one-bedroom suite with usable area of 31-44 SQM and two-bedroom suite with usable area of 56-65 SQM. Designed to serve true urban lifestyles, all units are crafted out with full functions. With a wide space of 6 meters, every one-bedroom suite is distinctively separated into bedroom, dressing room, toilets, shower room, and kitchen. To make it totally comfortable, all units are equipped with air conditioner, built-in electric stove, and hood. The project offers complete facilities including swimming pool, fitness center, sauna room, stream room, and activity area. It is 100% safe and secured with access control card system, CCTV, five passenger and service lifts, separate elevator on car park levels (2nd – 8th Floor), as well as 24-hour security system. The THRU Thonglor is scheduled to start its construction in March 2010 and is expected to complete by mid 2012.
Hmmm... They've changed the name from TRUE to THRU officially, right?
I've seen they use THRU Thonglor in TV ad as well.
was a bit confusing 'TRUE' sounds like related to CP Group
Construction has started for THRU Thonglor, prices start at 2.2m baht.

Update from
Hmmm... They've changed the name from TRUE to THRU officially, right?
I've seen they use THRU Thonglor in TV ad as well.
I think TRUE telecom my have had something to say about the usage of their brand name, don't you think?
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