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Thunder Bay and Area: 1000 pictures, One word
How's that for a cheesy title?? Eh? Oh, and there will probably be
more than 1000 pictures..

This is gonna be a photothread unlike most photothreads here, since it isn't
really a photo 'tour' per se.. It's more of a 'this is what the city looks like to
me everyday' photo thread. It will be heavily focused on the north end
of the city (Port Arthur) because it's where I Live! Work! Play! most of the
year. :p

The pictures have been JPEGged to decrease loading times. If you want a
larger clearer version of a picture let me know. Thanks.

Why the pictures suck:
1. My camera is a piece of crap. I'm saving up for a new one, hopefully I can
get it by the end of summer so I can squeeze in a few pics of greenery. We
have lots of it here.
2. I used irfanview to enhance them, but it's no photoshop.

Why the pictures are small:
They were originally 1280x1024 (most of them) and I sized them down so
they werent as blurry/grainy.

If you want a picture of something in the city, let me know and I'll try to get
a picture of it. (No 100% promises though).

That's the technicalities out of the way. :)

These first few pictures are from April 19, I was bored so I took some pictures..

Starting off... The sky. That isn't what it looked like. I used irfanviews 'solar
flare' effect and thought it looked cool... :p

A shrub in the side yard. The main yard and the outer part of the yard, the
spare lot beside us (that is part of ours, giving us a whole quarter acre!) is
seperated by hybrid lilac bushes. It's nice in May or so when they've bloomed.
The picture is on an angle because it's 'artsy'. :banana:

Another view of the sideyard, showing the neighbours house. Like all houses
built into this hill, they're apartments, one on the main floor and one below.
It's rented by university students at the moment.

The proper backyard, where.. things usually don't happen. :p You're looking at
one of the last 'official' streets in the city's 'urban' area that isn't paved. (or
on maps.) It's Ravenwood Avenue North. There are 3 houses that are on that
'street', and aside from the fact there are other houses near by, looking at
them, you'd think you were in the bush. It's actually kinda nice. Except that
they use our yard (it's the only one with a path from back to front) to get to
the main street. You can also see our recycling bags. We're green! :D

An artsy picture of the chimney. the seagull just happened to appear in it,
which was incentive to keep it, since the chimny (which is a brownish purple
colour) decided not to show up good. :(

And the ditch down the street for storm water. (The back yard for the 3
houses on Ravenwood Avenue) You look from this angle and you think it
would meander forever, but no. It stops where you see it stop in this picture,
where it empties into a giant drain in a fenced of part near a Catholic school.

The next 13 images are from my walk home on 4/20. There are links to a few
locations where I went so you can see them on a Google map. :p

At the end of Ambrose Street there are some stairs that

guide you down a hill
that is waay to steep for cars. It's got a decent view of the harbour (and a
good look into the lower floors of our cities tallest building)

A view of the 'office towers' in the city's north core. The white building on
the left is my favourite. The one on the right belongs to the corrupt kleptocracy
that is Government of Ontario. :) (I kid!)

A tug boat guiding a ship to the harbour. It appears in a few other pictures if
you have a good eye. I waited a few minutes for it to move there so I could
take a picture of it, and when I was just about to, the camera auto-shut off,
and I had to reset the thing. :rolleyes: But I still got a decent pic. The original was
huge, and blurry.

A view of the grain elevators. They're much larger. It's just that I suck at
cameraing and they look really small..

A school bus coming up the other side of Ambrose street. It came all the way
up the hill then turned right.

The stairs I took the picture from up top of. Wouldn't want to fall down
those.. The dirt to the right of them is used by courageous kids on bikes.

Onto the downtown core.. Well, Court Street.

Not really on the way home, but I had business to attend to downtown, so I
got some pics with me. There are from my walk up the street 12 blocks to
Safeway to get groceries. :)

The Ruttan Block. The lobby of the building is beautiful. It was one of our first
large office buildings.

The 'Heart of the Harbour Parkade'. It would be nicer if it was taller. And if the
tops were open to the public.

These next ones are taken from a bench at the bus terminal.

A hydro substation. It was built in 1928. It's small but a good example of the
time's architectural style. I'll try and get a better picture of it.

A close up of the sign.

This picture turned out so horrible, and the buildings looked so shabby, I just
made them black. I think it looks neato. :)

Bus 218, working the 11 John bus route which goes right by my house every
:20 and :50 past the hour. Except in the evenings. Then it's every 40 minutes
starting at 6:30 and until 12:30. except on sunday, when service stops at

I got off the bus a few blocks away, and walked by the abandoned public
school and took this next picture.

I think it looks artsy. :banana:

Now these pictures were taken earlier today. It was about 14°C when I
was walking around in a big sweater and taking pictures. Luckily, I had
passionfruit juice. :)

That's a parking lot at the end of the longer part of Ravenwood Avenue. The
dirt path on the left is how I use my bike to get to Mac's-on-Beverly (Corner
store) and those trees are the culvert thing. The grass behind them (the
upper-rightish part of the middle) is the school. Told you it wasn't long! :p

It used to say 'Cuba Sí' but they changed it to that for some reason. :p It's a
direct flight, too. And, if you look to the right, you can see glass! They
FINALLY put some in, after going all winter without! Stupid kids. <.<

I like taking pictures of trees. This one is down the street from the local TV
station, right beside the bus stop I get off at in the morning on the way to
school. These first three were from my trip to school...

..These next ones are on the trip home. Well, to Grandview Mall. (It's a
suburban mall, therefore, no pics.) Then from there, to the waterfront.

Two pictures of a house that caught fire sometime recently. It's not too bad,
they're fixing up the inside. As you can see by the fact that only a few windows are boarded up.

This was a neat looking tree near the mall by my school, the original picture
was all black and horrible looking. Amazing what you can do.. with irfan-view. :banana:

McVicar Creek, all liquidy. As you can see, the grass has yet to change
colour. But, the snow is all gone!

After that, I walked to the city's waterfront, and took some pictures from on
top of the overpass that connects it, the city, and some heavy industry to
the north. Did I mention it was really hot today? :p

'08skylinecluster.jpg' ... Yes, that's our 'skyline cluster'. There are others, but
the sun was low in the sky and I was on the wrong side. If there is ever a
warm sunny morning, I'm taking a bus downtown, going up on that overpass,
and taking a picture from this angle when the sun if shining on the part of
those buildings I can see! And in the summer, the trees are green. BONUS!

That abandoned grain elevator isn't as lonely as you think. Look! He has tons
of logs to play with!! Whee! And thanks to the US softwood tariff, they aren't
going anywhere for a looong time! (that's a joke)

It's pictures like this that make me with I had a better camera... That's one of
the city's many Ukrainian churches. The East End has a few in a group, I'll try
and get a picture of them soon.

Last picture, is this train. I tried to get a picture into the exhaust fans on top
but the camera batteries have finally died. :( Funny thing, I stop on the
over pass for about 5 minutes waiting for it to make it's way up here, cuz it
was going really slow until it got near me. Then, once I got my picture, it
stopped and lurked back up to it's railyard. (There is a huge railyard behind it,
but I didn't get a picture of it. :() It was probably just moving to another line,
but still, kinda cool. I expected it to blow it's horn but it didn't. You can hear
them for miles. :p

Now here are some pictures from 'oot and aboot' taken last year,
between 27 May and 22 July. You'll notice the time jump back and forth from
day, to night, to evening, to day, and in some places there are more leaves
than others (All the leaves aren't out until June :() but I wasn't going to put
them in time order, it's kinda pointless. We're working our way from Current
River to Fort William. I don't have many Fort William pics just yet (I have to
sneak there, mom get's worried :|) but I'll be getting more this summer.

First up, a lone birch tree on Arundel Avenue. Technically on property
belonging to the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital. Not only is that within city
limits, it's defined as 'urban area'! :D

The mighty Current River. This is one of the only 'panorama' that I made last
year that didn't look like crap! (If anyone wants too see some panos, they
aren't too good but I can post them). It also turned out really clear.

A mouldy tree. Art.:banana:

A cloud!

A goose! There were hundreds of them, and the whole lake (Boulevard Lake in
the north end between Port Arthur and Current River) smelled like their feces.
We couldn't swim in it most of the summer either. The city stopped their 'get
rid of geese' program after they had their baby geeses, so that PETA would
freak out. :)

Three brich trees along that path near the damn at the east end of Boulevard

Moving into Jumbo Gardens! Well I just moved out of it, but you know what I
mean. It's our city's fastest growning neighbourhood, almost 20 houses a

King Arthur Condo, it looks like a castle. It was one of the first things to be
developed out here, too. When I first saw it while biking down Pioneer Road
about 5 years ago, I thought I'd reached some other town I didn't know
about. Nope. Just a far flung suburb.

This is in Acadamy Heights, down John Street right near the Vapaa Kirko (did
I spell that right??) it's a manhole put in before amalgamation.

Our city's 3rd tallest building, the 11/12 storey (depending on who you ask
about that door there) slab. Wider than it is high. It towers over everything in
the area. It has a view of everything except the lake. :)

Corpus Christi R.C. Church. It has a neon cross that can be seen from as far
away as that funny condo in Jumbo Gardens. I like this picture. :)

A view of Fort William from Hillcrest Park during the day...

...and at night. Well, in the evening.

In both of those pictures, the Community Auditorium and Canada Games Complex are
easily visible.

A view of houses and elevators from Hillcrest Park.

The harbour from hillcrest park. Hey, there's a boat, too! :D

That's what Waverly Park Towers looks like from the parking lot of the Hoito. (Thanks
to the buildings in front of it, it is REALLY hard to get a decent pic of the Hoito.
I'm working on that.)

The Casino that sends 95% of it's profits out of the city.. and get's 95% of it's
profits from the city.. And usurped customers from countless stores, and is officially,
'The worst thing to ever happen to [Thunder Bay]' -Mayor Lynn Peterson. :)

The corner of the old Bank of Montréal building. It's not home to the Prospecter
Steakhouse and I think apartments?

I had another version that had really bright colours, but I like this one better now.
I also had a black and white one, but it looked a bit weird..

Maudsley Court, one of our older multi-storied apartments. It's got statues of lions
in the lobby, kinda creepy..

A mast at the water front, in honor of the veterans.

OMG What is that? :D

Masonic Hall, fittingly, with a money mart at street level. Fantastic!

Tallest pink building in town! Well, since they painted the pink elevator white anyway.

A view of Waverly Tower from as close to the base as you can get. Go ahead. Count
the floors. :)

An over exposed picture of Waverlyt Park Tower popping out of some trees. One of my
favourite pics.

This is the top of the list, though. I was going to make it vibrant colours (the house
is bright red) but settled for sepia tones. Aside from the sign, and the size of the tree,
that's probably what it looked like 80 years ago.

Leaving downtown..

This is the McIntyre River, where it runs below Junot Avenue. This here is a real

The new Medical Building at the new hospital. I like it. :)

Our It-Will-Only-Cost-150-Million-Dollars Hospital that cost 500 million dollars
and doesnt even have as many beds as the hospitals it replaced! But who cares!? It
looks pretty!!

ATAC (Advanced Technology and Academics Centre) building, one of the most high tech
buildings in Northern Ontario. There is a building at University of Otttawa that looks
kinda like it, I don't know which is older. This is one of the clearest pictures Ive ever
taken. :)

The same building at night. It has alot of orange and blue lights, and looks pretty cool
when you're driving down Balmoral street. It's also quite visible from the parking lot
of the Walmart centre.

The south entrance of the ATAC building.

A break in some storm clouds.. I tohught it looked nice.

Neighbours house with storm clouds over it.

Back yard with storm clouds.

The city's second tallest building, the 14 storey (Though it lacks a 13th floor so it
says 15) Maple Crest Tower. My favourite highrise in the city.

Onto Fort William..

That Atkins Building, built in 1902. The fact that it's on Simpson Street and HASN'T
burned down is AMAZING. :eek:

Looking north on Simpson Street, the Ukrainian Credit Union is on the left.

Parterson Court, an old folks/poor people apartment across from Paterson Park. It's
the tallest building in Fort William, aside from Grain Elevators of course.

A lonely hot dog cart across from the Victoriaville Parkade.

St Andrew's Presbyterian, across from City Hall. Taller than the office 'tower'
behind it.

And to end the tour, Fort William Collegiate Institute, which, sadly, closed it's
doors for the last time last June. Luckily, it's protected. It will most likely
become a new Catholic high school.

These next two are from April 22nd. It was cloudy today, so they didn't turn out too good.

Grandview Arena.

Why was I standing so far away? It smelled like urine. :eek:


And someone scratched out Joe Speziale's eyes, so he looks like an alien. :)
I should've gotten a picture of that.. oh well.

These next pictures are from April 23rd. I went to County Fair Plaza (The big
tacky yellow 'County Fair Plaza' sign is gone) but took alot of street level
pics around Red River Road at Court Street, and wasted all 15 pictures that
my camera will let me keep. (The biggest and highest quality pictures I can
get with my camera anyway, I can save about 400 little blurry ones if I want)


Starting off at my house, these are some tulips coming up right beside the
door. Our landlady put them in a few weeks before she died last fall.

That's really a suggesstion. I mean, how do you expect them to inforce
something like that? :p

These are when I was switching buses downtown. I could have gone to the
terminal and waited 5 minutes, but instead I got off in front of the Eatons
Building (which is now a call centre) and walked up to Magnus Theatre (Which
is in the old Port Arthur Central School, the fixed it up really nice a couple
years ago. I'll have more pics later this week.)

This is looking east down Red River Road, that's my bus there.. It's Sunday,
this was around 3:30pm so there isn't much going on, everything was closed..

Looking up the street. Sure is dirty...

Some shops and things

A Greek furniture store. There used to be a Greek restaurant beside it
('Express Souvlaki') but it closed a few months ago, now it's some bar.. :p

An off-centre picture of the Ruttan Block. The green sign half way down is
Court Street Café, the city's oldest restaurant. (or so they say). Very popular
with kids from PACI and LU.

The Masonic Hall

The sign above the door. Notice the mising light cover on the right. :p

Looking east down Red River again. I got to stand in the middle of the street
because there was no traffic. :)

A grainy picture of the back of the Ruttan block. It's 3 floors on the far side
there, behind the parking lot.

Trees line the street. They're not very big though... They have lights on
them, so they're lit up at night. It's kinda nice :p I don't know if they have
them lit up in summer though, it gets dark late here (after 10) and by then
everything is closed.

St Andrews Roman Catholic Church.

Magnus Theatre, and the small bit of Waverly Park on the other side of Algoma.

These are from Monday 24 April. I brought my camera to school walked home
from school and went to Hillcrest Park and got some photos. I
was gonna get some munchies at the corner store but the debit machine
wasn't working, so I had to walk home, get money, and walk back. So, I
dropped off my pics from Hillcrest and took some more during my walk to the
store. :) Here are another 36 pictures.

The Sunken Gardens at Hillcrest Park. Without flowers. This is what it looks
like most of the year. There'll be flowers in a few weeks, once the low
temperatures stop being so low.

The harbour area. You've seen it all before. :p This image is a bit grittier. It
was about 4°C and very windy today, while I was taking these pics we got a
dusting of snow. If you look closely, the Hoito is to
the left, behind the trees.

A map showing you what's what in the area you see from the hill. A bit
outdated, since the grain elevator in the middle was Demolished in 2000. :p
I added a few words cuz they weren't clear on the picture, so you can get an idea of it.

Looking at the city through the bars around the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Memorial at Hillcrest Park

Park of the LSR Memorial

Every time I come to Hillcrest park... I forget that there are trees.

The Canadian Flag. Not very visible from the harbour, there was talk about
putting a big Canadian Flag like the ones at Husky truck stops, so it could be
seen clearly from the harbour.

More trees.

The stairs going up to the flag.

If you're wondering, when I walk around taking pictures, I wander around,
going in circles. That's why we're flipping back and forth here :p

Downtown from Hillcrest.... Yawn :p

That bell hung (hanged?) in the old Fire Hall. It's now a memorial. I quite like
this picture.

I like this one because it doesn't show the water, just houses.


As you can see, if you remember from the other picture I showed from this
angle... The play equipment down there has been upgraded. And, this is a
snazzy view of town.

This is behind the bell, they'll be flower gardens in a few weeks.

Houses on High Street, some of the most expensive real estate in the city.

That's looking down a hill... you can't really tell though.. whatever. :p

Portal to hell. :evil:

Also, this picture turned out VERY clear. It amazed me. I was amazed.

You can see where they stop cutting the grass in this one. Below that it's just
long grass and weeds.

More houses. I like that green and white one. :p


That was it for pictures from Hillcrest, the next ones are walking from my
place, to Mac's, and back up. It's a one-third-of-a mile long hill.

Oliver Road School, which closed last summer. The school board is using it to
store junk. It's only been broken into once or twice, but alot of doors have
had their windows replaced with plywood.

There used to be a newspaper box in that spot... :(

But in the summer it's a little garden. This is in front of an italian
confectionary that's been 'opening soon' for the past year. :)

Hrvatska Katolička Crkva. Do YOU know what that means? 8O

In the summer, this street is beautiful.

Why I'm showing you a picture of it now is beyond me.

I've always found this a bit interesting... The building behind it is a 6 unit apartment block.

The wall from when they reinforced the hill when they widened the street
when the Chargex sign on the store 7 blocks down was put up. I'll have a pic
of that on Thursday perhaps. :)

I don't envy their mailman. (Actually, it's a mailwoman.)

It's like a jungle back there! :p

What would YOU do with 30 million bucks?

I've never looked back there before.. Or, have I, and just forgotten??


Erectile dysfunction.


Interesting to note, that is the only pic I have while the sun it out! :D

This is beside the one with all the stairs. It's sooo tall!

I've been finding those all over the neighbourhood lately. No idea why. If I
was my grandmother, I'd put them in my purse, forget about them for 3
weeks, then give them to the dogs.... :p

Well she does that with leftovers anyway.

And a crumbling wall, a result of the ungodly amount of salt this city wastes
on it's roads.

Are you getting tired yet? :p Have the pictures even finished loading? I'm going to
blow up your modem with all these pictures. :D We're barely half way done the first

The brick garden beside the door. My mom had a near-death experience involving those bricks the other day.

Some flowers that are coming up beside the house.

Hill Street Tower, 300ft high. It's part of the TV station. One of my cousins
lived in the house beside it, and my mom got all mad cause she was raising her kids 'under THAT?!'. :p

The back alley leaving up to school... I honestly don't know whether to laugh
or cry...

The rest are from after school

Looking down Van Norman, about 2 blocks east of High Street.

An old telephone pole.

College Street. If only we had divided avenues like that downtown, eh? (Well,
Fort William does)

Looking down Van Norman again. The city cut chunks out of the trees so they
didn't interfere with the lines.

A group of birch trees in a yard.

'I know.. Let's paint it PINK!' 'YES!!!! :fruit:'

Cedars lining a sidewalk down the street.

Spring is coming! :D

'Density Shot' :cheers:

L'Hôpital St. Joseph's Hospital. For all of your Urgent Emergencies.

Thunder Bay Medical Centre. I kinda like the design. Modernism. Etc.

That big house on the right is actually a plastic surgery office.

Imagine if that was taller??? :eeekk:

I love how Birch Trees do that when they get poisoned by sludge! :D

Now there's a happy thought if I ever saw one! I live only 40 metres away!!


(From April 26)

Sunset through some trees

The 'skyline'. If those trees and such weren't there, you'd see that those
elevators will stretch from one side to the other. Probably because they're
all a half mile long. Iono.

A better, more artsy picture of the chimney. :banana:

The street! The house on the right there has an adress to this 'alleyway' and
that is his front yard. Kinda dumpy looking, innit?

That's a tree I found in our back yard. It's amazing what you find in your
yard when it isn't really your yard.

Tomorrow, Bay and Algoma European District. It isn't really that European,
but there are lots of people with European Ancestry living there......
Haha. I find that sentence hilarious!

Now we're getting into the meat. :)

Bay and Algoma
Like Europe kinda.. sorta.. maybe... no.... no, it isn't. No... Whatever.

This is no where near it, I just saw a tree with some lights on it, and thought
from that angle it would make a nice picture. :)

The sunken Gardens, on a sunny day this time.

And old canon at Hillcrest Park.

Looking down Bay Street, the heart of the district. You can see the tower on
the Hoito (Finnish for 'care')

Some pictures:

Looking at it from Secord Street.

The top part, behind a strategically placed tree. :rolleyes:

Some kid coming out the front door. Unlike some photo tours, I have people in
mine!! Usually that place is busy right out to the street, but today it was quiet.
I guess 4pm isn't their busiest hour.

'OMNIA 1910' A view of the top part of the centre of the Hoito

The new Scandinavia House. the old one was much, much, much to small for
the amount of customers they got.

The Italian Hall. Best meatballs on Earth. (Assuming Earth is made up of
Thunder Bay and area)

'ItaliBar' and the Waverly Park poking out behind it.

One of the nicest buildings in the area, 'The Kitchen Nook/Finnish Book Store'
stands out with the colours of the.... colours of the Swedish flag? Well..
Who wants to look at a white building anyway?

Count the floors. There should be 17 out of 16 visible in that pic.

Looking down Algoma. The place on the left there (can't remember the name.
*hits self in head*) is popular with young'uns.

'Arella's Dollar Store' and 'Finnport: Finnish Imports' two great stores. Not
pictured is Janzens Parmacy, which is of no architectural significance

Looking east on Bay Street

The other sidewalk. Not too busy. I can get quite crowded at lunchtime and
on Saturday mornings, and in some cases, evenings.

This is beside *name of place I forgot* the original wasn't too good, but
darker and with brighter colours, I think it's a cool shot. Click it to see a
lighter version.

Colosimo's Music on the right there, my brothers favourite store. To the left is
a small crafts store called 'Fireweed' and the 'highrise' there is the Burton and
Fisher Building, home to Hill City Comix.

A solar panel. They sell them at this place.

Folino's Superette (Mini supermarket) on the left, beside that is a 'W!CKED
COOL B!KE STORE!' and on the right, 'Red Earth Imports'.

Former site of Cornwall Elementary. My vision: a mid rise PoMo condo, about
7-9 floors, with street level shops. Keep the trees there, maybe a café with a
patio, etc. and that, perhaps something based on Italian riviera architecture,
or something from the south of France? This is the European district after all.
Oh, to dream... :) If I had the money, I'd totally do it.

Ask your Pappy.

Thank God for image enhancement, eh?

Marina Park
BEFORE the boats! f. Whalen Building.

I was downtown to get some groceries, and decided to get some pictures of
Marina Park, even tohugh I pre-decided I would go to Marina Park today a few
days ago and actually planned the whole thing, and I didn't even need
groceries. (Got a ready-made Lumberjack sammich instead.)

First up: The Whalen Building. The way the light hit her caught my eye, and it
was love at 35,469th sight! :D

Look at the colour! The detail! The lighting! FABULOUS!

Such attention to detail! Such accuracy! You won't see that one today's
modern buildings!

Looking straight up the corner! Ignore the power line..

CDI College. One of the largest office buildings in the city! (about 40,000 sq ft
I think)

The Marina Park Pedestrian Overpass. The windows are covered in much and
it's covered in graffiti! But that's not what we're here for.

Boats!! In the harbour!! Wow!! What are they doing there???? :shrug:

They really do.

Oooo000OOOoOOO000OOoo000o0o! It's not open yet.

There is a pigeon up there. Can you see it??

The Provincial Building. If we seperate, that will be our legislature!! (It'll never
happen but a man can dream.)

Train tracks. From through a fence. And there is a .. *gasp* CONDO!!

There is a reason geese aren't on the money, you know.

No boats. No leaves. It's deserted. The park was, literally, deserted. I saw no
more than 2 dozen people, mostly alone, except for an italian couple saying
things in some foreign language. French, I think..

A bird. In a tree. I KNOW! :eek:

No idea what kind of tree that is, but I like it. And hey, grain elevators!

The fuel dock. It's run by the seagulls in the winter.

Speed limits in the water are much slower than on land. I wonder how they
enforce that last bylaw..

A train engine, running by that funny looking building with balconies and
stuff on it.

If things work out, within 3 years, there will be something there! Maybe!

Same with this part! Note that there is nothing going to that telephone pole.

OMG! What.. what are those??? *peeks*...

I like this shot. It's an angle not many people get to see, considering I was
laying down when I took it. :)

A clear picture of Waverly Park Towers being it's usual blurry self. :)

And thanks to my crappy camera, THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

Mausdl- ... Maudsle-... Maudslay Court.
Doomed to having it's name spelled incorrectly. :)

Seriously, it's a real problem I have. :)

Maudslay Court is one of the city's older apartment 'towers' and, considering it
was too dark this morning to get the pano of the skyline I wanted, I'll show
you these, which I took instead. It's one of my favourite buildings. :)

It only looks creepy! :)

The base of the building, and some cars parked on the street.

Looking at the NW corner from across the street.

He had a brother. Dunno where he went though.

Above the entrance.

Patio! It looks kinda homey, eh? :p

The stairs to the yard, which is bordered by the McVicar Creek. It only looks
like the windows are missing. They're there. I assure you.

It's got six floors on this side! It's a bit of a fixer-upper eh? :p

A silhouette of the top because the image didn't come out right. The southeast
corner of buildings is a very popular place for flag poles. Sadly, no flag.

Close-up of the windows

View from across the creek

A look at the back end.

While it's a bit shabby, I actually really like this building. If I had the money,
I'd buy it and fix it up. Unfortunately, I don't have the money. :(

Moving on..

McVicar Estates, right beside it. As 6/7 storey apartment block from the 70s.
The contrast between the two styles of architecture, Pre-War Beau Art
and post-war modernism is interesting to me. :p

A view of the front of out second tallest pink apartment building.

McVicar Manor, one of the city's many Eduarian mansions. Owned by the first
mayor of POrt Arthur, and deside the creek of the same name (minus the
Manor part) it's now a bed and breakfast (and on the market for a cool 200K)
and looking better than ever. :) Another one of the city's architectural gems.
It's 100 years old this year, too.

Another mansion nearby. Ther are a good few of them in the area.

A guy fishing by McVicor creek. I don't think you can catch anything in it
anymore, and if you do.. don't eat it.

Looking down the creek. It's only a couple hundred metres to go before it
empties in the Gitchigumi. :)

Another view of the river.

When I took that picture, I knew it wouldn't turn out like I hoped. But, that's
ok. The underside of the bridge is covered in graffitti anyway.

This was taken on the bridge. I think it's an interesting angle.

And that's the end or this portion. :)

Acadamy Heights
It's no Jumbo Gardens.

This is part one of a three part series on Acadamy Heights, my current
neighbourhood. (Jumbo Gardens will forever hold a place in my heart.. or bladder.
Depends on what I think of it at the time.)

The first part of a three part series of the Acadamy Heights neighbourhood.
It experienced rapid growth from 1970-1990, as part of the city's attempt
at filling in the area between Port Arthur and Fort William. The north and
east parts of Acadamy Heights are mostly single units, while the south and
west parts are duplexes, triplexes, quadropelexics, and rowhouses, and a
few low-income apartments and old folks homes. It's one of the densest and
most populated neighbourhoods in Northern Ontario. Part one is looking at
the south-west portion, a large city-owned low income housing area, with
two of the city's tallest apartment towers. On Wednesday, I'll focus on the
South Eastern corner, which has the Port Arthur Area, Port Arthur Statium,
Canada Games Complex and Community Auditorium on Paul Shaffer Drive.

A plane was flying over when I started my walk (I was going to the store)
so I took a picture of it. :)

The play structure at the Oliver Road Community Centre. I climbed on top to
see if it's possible to get a pano of the area from up there... it isn't.

A tangle of red barked bushes, I like how they add colour, especially in
summer which has a habit of being nauseatingly green.

More bush. This is along that drain the cuts through the area.

I like that shade of orange, I dont know why. :p

These little prickly trees pop up all over the place. They look like
raspberry buses but they never produce any fruit. If you touch them, you
get hundreds of tiny little thorns in your finger, and they itch really
bad. It's really annoying, but they go away after a couple days. Still..
Don't touch them.

Bigger, mouldy trees, behind St John Catholic School.

The back of Oliver Road Rec Centre

A bush in someones yard with yellow flowers. Added a bit of colour to such
a dreary day. :p

some cedar. The first time I took this picture the flash went off and startled
me. So I turned it off and retook it. A larger version is available here.

A nicely trimmed blue pine on someones lawn.

A horrible blurry picture of Maple Crest Tower. :p Our second tallest.

Some rocks infront of a city-run apartment block.

Acadamy Heights in the distance.

some 'quadroplexics' and Matthews Court - living for the kinda independant
but not really as independent as most senior. :)

The white thing with five windows on the side is the parking garage of the building.

some low income row homes, with the $250,000/unit Maple Crest Tower behind them..

The balconies of Matthews Court

Down this trail is the Community Auditorium, Canada Games Complex, and a good shot
of the intercity area from a pile of dirt few people realise exists.

But that's not until Wednesday. (It probably won't be raining then.)


208 images. Sorry if it killed your computer/modem loading them all. :p But
thank you for taking the time to let them load, and extra thankyouse if you
read the captions. That's about... 6500 words according to Microsoft Word. So

Tomorrow: Grand Marais, Minnesota.
Wednesday: The Complex
Thursday: Nipigon, Ontario

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Great pictures. Thank you for your effort. I used to go down that gigantic slide at Hillcrest over and over, you know, when I was ..uh... 5 or so (give or take a few years or even a decade). I also liked the pictures of the Hoito. The pancake thingys are tasty and delicious, but I don't recommend the fish eye soup (ewww).

I wonder if I could request some pics of Summit Ave between Bay and Beresford? I haven't been there in years (it's where my grandma lived and dad grew up). Thanks.

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i am sorry but TB really doesnt look very exciting. some apartments are very nice though.

ah well i guess they do show a different side of Canada, i esp enjoyed your commentaries. it must be a lot of effort putting all those pics together, thank you very much.

how many bus routes in TB?

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'I wonder if I could request some pics of Summit Ave between Bay and Beresford? I haven't been there in years (it's where my grandma lived and dad grew up). Thanks.'

It's on my way home from school, I can get some on Wednesday if it's sunny.

'how many bus routes in TB?'

Seventeen. Thirteen designated routes and 5 subroutes on 3 of those lines.

It's a city of 100,000 with a shitty economy. How exciting do you expect it to be? :/

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THANK YOU, VID, for this great photo tour, you gave a lot of effort and I commend you for it!

Some of the pics of Thunder Bay reminds me a lot of Owen Sound, only bigger and a lot less livelier downtown (sorry). Looks very peaceful up there, although dead. Too bad about its sour economy. Damn that casino, 95% of its profits go outside the city? That's ridiculous.

Great photo tour, I don't know if even I could have pulled off one like this.

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'only bigger and a lot less livelier downtown (sorry).'

It's okay. Considering we have 3 of them (Port Arthur CBD, Fort WilliamCBD, Intercity CBD), you can't expect all of them to be bright and lively. :) And the time I take the pics is an effect too.

Downtown i\sn't too active at 3.30-4.30 pm. If I had a better camera and could get some night shots, I'm sure youd' think a bit better of it. :p

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Haven't posted in a few days, I wasn't feeling too well. I've got some pictures of
Summit Avenue between Beresford and Bay, and a set of pictures from around the Canada
Games Complex and the Community Auditorium.

First, the pictures from Summit Avenue between Beresford and Bay.

An Asian-style bungalow on High street.

A big stone house on High Street. Old Man McGrocery waling in front.. :p

a white stone house.. Kinda looks cute? :p

Probably one of the most desired houses on the street. My grade seven teacher
gave our entire class an inpromptu oral essay on why she wanted to live there...

Ok, NOW it's Summit Avenue.

Looking Southwest from the intersection at Summit and Beresford

Looking Southeast from the same intersection

A yard with some birch trees.

The middle part of Summit, looking east.

Looking west. I can't get wide angles, the camera sucks, and so do the usual
lighting conditions.. sorry :p

A big new house.

A yellow birch tree. Something interesting. :p

Looking Northeast

Looking Northwest

If there is anything else you want pictures of, let me know. Just don't say
'Skyscrapers'... we don't have those.

Bay street looking towards the harbour

A wooden house farthur down Summit Ave.

A couple big houses on Summit Ave

A more modernist house. Delightfully tacky.

A house on a corner I like. (Because of the windows)

A big house under renovation. It'll look good when it's done.

A house with an intersting yard. forgive the trash, wednesday was garbage day in
this ward :p

A view of some houses looking out to the harbour. I first noticed this in December.
It took me almost 6 months to get a picture of that!

The grain elevators again..

And a blurry picture of the city. :)

On to Acadamy heights, in and around the Auditorium and Canada Games Complex.

Port Arthur Arena, used for hockey, figure skating, and other ice sports.

Thunder Bay Department of Paint Chips.

Another view of the Port Arthur Stadium, home of the Thunder Cats. Seats about
2200 but it's held up to 2500 during champtionship games.

Some houses and a parking lot. Sometimes I take pictures thinking 'Oh, that's a great
picture!!!' then I forget what made it so great. *sigh*

Thunder Bay hosted the Canada Games in 1980.

The Canada Games Complex, main enterance.

I think it's supposed to represent movement??

Another view. Very modernist, eh?

some trees

Yeah. It's a gas pump! Oo0o0o0OoOoO!!!!

PA Arena and some gardens

Really super duper high thingies! OMG they're so big!

the one on the left is six floors.

The back of the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Answer: 'David Letterman Doesn't Have One of These'
Question: 'What is a street named after him?'

He's almost as cool as Alex Trebek!

A spot light hiding in the bushes.

SEETHER!! is coming here, apparently. When I hit the button, it said
Peter Frampton. Iono. They just built that sign, the old one looked too 1980s-ish.

The front enterance, accompanied by the manditory birch tree that must be in every
picture of Thunder Bay landmarks. :)

The stage door. Oo0o0o0OoOoO!!!!

A reflection of one of those tall multi-storeied things.

See those? Those are alley mattresses, Kenny. Alley mattresses. Yeah. Someday you'll *beeeeeep* on one of those. Yeah.

Oh, what a city!

Can you see it? Move your head closer.. closer.. THAT'S OUR SKYLINE!!!

The power plant and some power lines. Did you know our provincial government is going
to spend almost 500 million dollars to convert the power plant to use an expensive
fuel, produce less electricity and lay off 50% of it's employees by 2007? At your
expense? Yeah. Hey, Dolthead, anyone home??


..umm.. anyway.

Grain elevators! Again! Wow!


This is a popular place for teenagers to spread diseases with each other. :)

And we're back here!


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I haven't taken pics recently because it's been so damn rainy for like, 10 days. If I didn't
know better, I'd think I was in Wales. :O

Rhubarb. Once you plant it, it never goes away. No matter what you do. This was on the side of
an alley, between a fence and the sidewalk. It was probably in the back corner of the persons
yard until the by-law was passed that made everyone round off the corners of their yards so
people could see around corners, and they lost their rhubarb to outside-of-the-fence land.
It's still there.

Looking South on Porstpect Avenue.

Looking at a tree on the edge of a hill by École Catholique Secondaire de la Vérendrye.

Another view on top of that hill..

Another view, looking towards Waverly Park Towers.

The hills were there before École Catholique Secondaire de la Vérendrye, they aren't natural
hills though. I think they're from when Prospect Avenue Public School (1913-2002) was built.

Looking up Prospect Avenue about a block past École Catholique Secondaire de la Vérendrye.

'École Catholique Secondaire de la Vérendrye' ... just rolls off the tongue! I couldn't get
any pictures of it because the sun was on the wrong side. It opened in September and has 150
full time French speaking students, with room for 400 in total. The site used to have Prospect
Avenue Public School, but it closed in the 1990s and the land was sold. My granpa was really
mad, because he want to the school, and he really hates the French and Catholics. But he's a
moron anyway. The school itself is a beautiful building, with lots of north facing windows
because the architect has no sense of direction. :) (It's got south facing windows but the
main entrance and lobby is in front, facing north)

Looking down Van Norman.

Looking down prospect avenue. You can see Prince Arthur's Hills in the distance, the white
thing in the bush is actually a water tower on the edge of Current River.

Shadows on a cracked sidewalk. Another one of my wonderful artsy pics. :banana:

The top 15 floors of Waverly Park Towers. Slaberiffic!

And old house with an old stone fence.

This picture (and the next two as well) is taken from a lookout beside PACI. Unfortunately,
trees have grown around it so there isnt much view..

PACI from the lookout.

Waverly Park from the look out

This one is from the grass behind the parking garage at Waverly towers. You can see it there
on the right. It's a steep climb and the view isn't that good. Oh well.

The downtown skyline. Behind those trees.

A huge tree in Waverly Park. (The park, not the apartment) It's trunk is wider than that car
in the background in real life, too. Not just because of perspective. :) And it's got a giant
lumpy thing, tree cancer perhaps. :p

And the last picture, a view of the back end of St Paul's United Church. If I happen to the at
the intersection of Algoma and Red River on a sunny day with my camera, I'll get more pics of
the 5 or 6 churchs at that intersection, which includes this one. It's a beautiful church.

And that's it. :)

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Well here are some pics of Thunder Bay that i have taken this morning, and afternoon.

TheUkrainian church Stands out alot in this residential Area.

Whalen Building. Nicest looking "skyscraper" in thunderbay

The prince arthur hotel, beautiful on the inside, looks junky on the outside.

If only it were 2 or 3 stories higher...

Alot of historic buildings in north downtown, not like fortwilliam everything is destroyed...

Again If it were only 2 or 3 floors higher we might have had something going...

Our "Skyline" looks ok at night, hopefully we get a big company to come up here and set up a tower or two... like that will ever happen.

I LOVE this picture if only that damn telephone pole wasnt in the way.

Waverly Towers and PACI. Its a nice contrast, between the new and old.

Sometimes i forget this building even exists and since i was walking past i took a picture (It is behind a whole bunch of buildings), i would love to see more buildings like this but taller and less slabs all over thunderbay

Looks larger than it really is thats why i love it :)

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'Alot of historic buildings in north downtown, not like fortwilliam everything is destroyed...'

The historic buildings in FW aren't really 'destroyed' (aside from the St Louis, may it rest in peace :() they're just under a slight bit of disrepair.

This is connected to the church I posted a picture of at the end of the last set, it's called St Paul's Place, it's elderly/low income houseing, mainly temporary residence. It could be a few floors taller, it's probably one of the tallest buildings that has no influence in the skyline, being dwarfed by the church on one side, the armoury on another, and surrounded by tall trees and Waverly Park.

I've figured out two places that would be perfect for new highrises though. One is on the Pool six site, something in the 15-20 range, similar to One Wall Centre in Vancouver, and a plaza/park area incorporating as many suggestions for the site as possible. Another is between Marina Park Place and Marina Tower/Provincial Building, (click here; space on centre left) something in the 7-12 range would look good. A wall of buildings along Cumberland from Water St to Water St. :p (Andras Court (6) Harbourview (7) UMA(3)C-J(2, but tall as 3) Firehall (26m) 28 south cumberland (4) Marina Park Place (6) -empty space- Marina Tower (3)/Provincial Building (4) P.Arthur(6) CDI (5) Whalen(8) Shoreline(5) -space- McDs -space-) we could get something decent. Add the view of grain elevators looking south and the old PA hospital looking north and you could get a decent view along the street, and it's got some of the best street level environment in the city.

I've spent alot of time studying the Provincial Building, and I dont think adding more floors would really work. you'd have to chop the top right off, maybe continue with the curtan wall, but even then it's really wide. Maybe have a tower go up on just one side, like this (really really bad pic but you'll get the idea) and it could work.

You know it's a government building when it looks like it cost a half billion dollars. :|

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Maybe add on to Marina Tower? And have a building in that empty space? The only problem is The city of Thunder bay wouldnt spend the money to develop More High-Tech industry needed to have "skyscrapers" Would look good though... maybe if one of the bank buildings (RBC or BMO) were to expand in the backdrop it would give the downtown some depth... Have you heard anything about the development of thath area of the water front? there was originally suppose to be a Waterpark and fairly large Hotel + a larger Dock for ships. what ever happened to that? i heard they have the money put no initiative.

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The problem is there isn't much demand right now. High tech industry prefers campuses (look at San José, Google, Apple, Adobe, etc. etc) and they've got about 20 5-10 storey buldings over 30 acres. If you took the central police station on Balmoral, that could fill a 4 storey building downtown.

IG building, (grey one) could cover half the foot print in a downtown core, 6 floors.

Alloy Place, and add the Union Gas, and two other offices there, you could have that into a 10 storey office!

^Alloy Place

The Ernst and young Complex

A 4 floor and 2 floor, fit it for downtown you could get 8-12 out of it

ATAC could be 8 floors if you made is 15 metres thinner

the residences at LU could make one TWENTY FOUR story tower! Two 12 storey towers! Imagine that with the backdrop of Maple Crest, Acadamy, the ATAC and LU Library and the proposed highrises that were going to be developed at Balmoral and Beverly (about 6 years ago, twin 13 floors. Pop. dropped, they bailed.)

City Hall isn't big enough for the city government, to fit the entire thing, that could be razed and replaced with an office tower anywhere from 8-16 floors. That would really add to Fort Williams skyline (amazing view from top of Old Ironworks building)

TbayTel campus, you've got 2 buildings now and another one the way. Add the phone exchange in the PA core, or the FW core, and you can get 6-9 floors out of that. Merge the FW exchange with the AT&T longlines centre, and you can get a 13 storey building, with the height of a 16 storey building because the equipment needs height.

Now imagine all of that plus the slabs in Current river, College Heights and Acadamy/LU all in one central area, we'd have a skyline similar to Victoria'a but half as tall!

But no, we had to build out. <.<

I had a newspaper clipping about Fort Williams ambitions from the mid 60s. We would have had about 10 highrises in downtown south if it was approved. Amalgamation threw that idea right out the window. :(

Not to mention the negative effects that Intercity/Thunder Centre and Riocan Centre (WalMart et al) had on the cores. If they left intercity alone, Thunder Bay would be a much more vibrant place.

(Wow, I ramble..)

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I was just mentioning today that the amalgamation screwed this city over. we could have had 2 decent skylines, but no, the dumb retail stores like walmart, staples, Canadian Tire, and Homedepot had to screw us over (in a sense) the cities government buildings are too small for the size, also to spread out across the city. If Tbaytel does get a new building soon you will garauntee a huge building probly the 6-9 stories like you said since TBaytel does deffinetly have the cash to do it. twin 13-stories you say? that would have made a huge impression on the skyline right there. LU Student housing is getting old too, they might just rebuild 2-3 buildings, actually maybe 8-10 stories each if we are lucky. The problem is too spread out in the intercity area, and not enough companies wanting to build here in ThunderBay, we need someone with money to come up here.

ps edited my other post...

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The city set up a task force to look into the development of Pool Six. The original blueprint for the site is here but it's a stale proposal. It wasn't going to have high rises, I think the tallest building was about 5 storeys and everything else was in the 1-3 storey range, trying to recrated a small town downtown experience. It's currently a stale proposal, as well as the art gallery, art studio/gallery (they're two different things) the Great Lakes Centre (that really fucked up looking one that was unveiled in October/November) as well as numerous proposals by residents and councillors ranging from a Metronome-esque renovation of the pool six elevator itself into a concert hall to a relocation of the big box stores at intercity.

One thing this city just cannot understand is that when you build something, it CAN be used for more than one thing! You can have a hotel/condo tower, with a base with shopping. A building near by with an art gallery, a main street with shops. A plaza with fountains and parks, a marina, walking paths, etc. all in one site, it's a pretty big lot. There is also that spot in the north end of the park where that pitiful little elevator is literally rotting away (I figure 5-10 years before it either collapses or spontaneously combusts. AFAIK it's full of saw dust and crap.) that can also be developed, stretching the park right near current river.

TBayTel won't be getting a new office building, they just finished a multi-million dollar renovation of the one they have now (painted it beige and updated all the electronics inside). TBHydro also has a good amount of surplus money (It piles up since electricity is cheap here but they are forced to charge a certain amount for it; the money goes toward the tax base to make up for the people that moved away so we can maintain the infrastructure; TBayTel does the same thing) but they can fit all of their offices into the Hydro Building (AKA Whalen or PUC Building) and they also have some offices in the operations facility on Front Street. I remember when TBayTel was still in Victoria Ville.. They had a phone built out of Lego. Good times. I remember the multiplex too. 'OMG? Eight screens? They'll never need them all!'

LU student housing was renovated a while ago, it's actually in decent shape even though the exterior has seen better days. It's 6 (or 8, not sure which) 4 storey blocks connected by halls, and with courtyards. It's nice, but really out of date (most of LUs architecture is, it WAS built at the height of Modernism and Brutalism) and I don't think LU will go with a highrise student residence, they like to stick to their 'It's a small town and look a bunnie!! hahaha' mentality. (disregarding the fact that they'd save all of their 'precious precious forest' if they built up) I am looking forward to seing development in that convention centre/arena project, though. If we don't hear anything by August it's stale. <.<

One part of the city infrastructure that has alot of money is the airport. But, what is an airport going to do with a highrise? The reason Fort Williams buildings are so low is because of the airport in the first place. If they didn't expand suburbs to holy fucking hell we could have had the airport at the intersection of TBExpressway and the Shab. ext. and angled the run ways so that they were moving away from the cores, had the stores in intercity where the airport is now and County Park is (two walmarts, two zellers' two canadian tires, etc.) and left Intercity as park, and that would have worked, two seperate cities. But no. :|

Oliver Road school (right across from my house) is now pretty much vacant (It's where the computers are going once we get the new ones in the computer lab, they go there and collect dust, sold for about 400$ easch at the end of the year is youre interested.) but they could easily move them somewhere else (give them to Cuba like the hospital did with all their old crap when they moved into the half mile long behemoth that has no right to exist) and then raze that POS and convince that Dawson guy (who owns about 40% of the rental apartments in town) to build a few more there, along with Suncrest Villa and we could get a decent bit of density at the corner of Oliver/Ray, only 4 blocks from LU so it's a good spot for students.

Looking back, if we had a pine needle for every mistake this city has ever made, we'd have a whole damn forest by now. :|

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No, they're councillors. They changed the name from Aldermen to Councillors to avoid being accused of being sexist!

If I was mayor and had the money I'd bull doze the whole damn thing and start over.

We''ll, Id save the trees. And the Whalen building.

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Councillors eh? well anyhow i need to get a position of power so i can get some proposals excepted... to bad i wasnt a multi-billionaire i would just build my own... :) lol you cannot have a Thunder Bay without the whalen building... and of course all the damn trees :nuts: i wonder if i could make it to a council meeting and yell at them for awhile...
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