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Thunder Over Louisville 2005. My pictures.

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I didn't really take alot of pics of the crowd. I almost gave up and went home because it was so cold, but i stuck it out. They said 300,000 people showed up. Its usually around 700,00 but todays weather was terrible. This is officially the largest fireworks show in the world...don't take my pictures word for it, you have to come see it for yourself to really feal the power.

sleep time....
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AMAZING SHOTS!!!!! Congratulations! :)
Fantastic shots. Great job Soulbrotha.
Holy cow! You da man soulbrotha! But I already knew that ;) Keep 'em comin'!
Man, that is sweet! I love fireworks. Boise used to have I think the 2nd largest show west of the Mississippi until the Boise River Festival got cancelled. :(
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