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- founded in 1233
- South Moravia
- pop 8,400
- metro :)D) 9,900 including a village of Předklášteří which in fact is a district of town
- located on Svratka and Loučka rivers
- 25 km (15 miles) NW from central Brno
- Monastery of Cistercian nuns in Předklášteří
- gateway to The Highlands
- railway junction including Prague - Havlíčkův Brod - Brno track

View on Tišnov from railway station

view on Tišnov from Předklášteří village

train from Prague to Brno

The Cistercian "Porta Coeli" Monastery in Předklášteří

Tišnov streets

St. Wenceslas church

functionalist bank building

Town Hall at town square

Town square

City centre :D



Klucanina look-out tower

Views from Klucanina


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překvapivě interesantní, na to že jsem o Tišnově v životě nikdy nic neslyšel.. :p

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Tišnov is beautiful small town and I highly recomment to climb any of surrounding hills, the views are so nice. I remember going from Brno by train with some Dutch gentleman and near Tišnov he was raving about "beauty of Czech mountains" (These hills are not more than some 400 meters above sea level.:lol:)
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