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I think that this film was made 5-10 years ago. Timisoara changed since, but I still think that watching this movie you can have a have a good image of Timisoara`s (old) beauties !

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The quality if the video isn't so good. :( However, Timişoara looks really nice :)
Dear Old Timisoara ...:bow:
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University of Medecine

"Politehnica" University's main building, the "Lloyd Palace" situated in Victoriei square

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Been to Temisvar once and loved it!
timisoara is a very nice city...
post more photos, pls...
In Timisoara u re feeling special, u feel like u re in good hands, like u wanna live.
people, buildings and nature are equals.

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nu am fost nici o data in timisoara ...e foarte frumoasa!!sper sa o visit sooooooooooon
new architecture in Timisoara.





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^^ this building is really nice...but it needs a little renovation!
^^ yep, only that a 'little renovation' could damage sometimes.

u know Timisoara is the first town with electricity on streets! so till today they light up the streets for next generation. only the video camera is not our invention:lol:

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^^ hehehe...
of course we invented everything!
ROMANI sintem nu?!!
Fantastic city... I've visited it few times... My friend from the university class is a Serb from Timisoara..
Could someone open a thread about Arad and Oradea, I've heard those cities are also very beautifull...
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