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Timisoara, probably the most beautiful city in Romania

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Symphony Café by Antonius Plaian

If you want to post pictures, please post only artistic ones and maximum one photo / day. Thanks :cheers:
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Botanic Park by Antonius Plaian

^^ Here are the walls of the old fortifications of the city represented in miniature

The city is also called "The City of Flowers".
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Check out the next one from the same square...
"Dolce far niente" in Union Square by Antonius Plaian

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Airport in winter by :dunno:

^^ Wikipedia

On March 18 1906 at Montesson, near Paris, the device Vuia I first flew. After an acceleration over a distance of 50 meters, the device was raised to a height of about one meter, flew a distance of 12 m, after which the propeller stopped and the plane landed.

Many newspapers in France, the United States and Britain wrote about the first man to fly with a heavier than air, equipped with its own take-off systems, propulsion and landing. Since then she has been emphasized and propagated the idea that Vuia managed to take off with his camera on a flat surface using only its own, "the board" without "external assistance" (slope, railway, catapults, etc. ). However, there have been many contradictions and debate on the definition of first airplane.
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St. Nepomuk in Liberty Square by Antonius Plaian

^^ In memory of victims of the plague epidemic (1762-1763)
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As some people celebrated New Year last night...
a "Happy new year!" and fireworks for the Serbs of Banat and not only :cheers:

Fireworks in Union Square by ionut_blk

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1 - 20 of 576 Posts
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