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For quite some time now, my cleaning lady (who is a very nice person and whose two girls BTW are the top students in the university :D) has been telling me that Tirana, thanks to the efforts of their mayor, change their face into a beautiful city of 600,000 inhabitants although chances are that if Albania progresses the city will reach the number of 1,000,000 before the turn of the decade...

Anyway, there is an interview of Edi Rama, the charismatic mayor of this city in the "Vimagazino", the magazine of the Sunday edition of the Greek Newspaper "To Vima" where this mayor speaks about how he managed to change the face of many central areas of the city and now continues his work which is already gaining recognition by the international press.

I believe that it would be useful if the Albanian forumers showed us some pictures of the highrises of Tirana as well as any other modern or newly restored buildings in this city. In anticipation, I present you with two blocks that I know of, like:

1-. The Tirana International Hotel in Skanderberg Square (this one I knew about):

2-. A new office block, other details unknown, as seen in "Vimagazino"

Any other pictures of skylines and/ or highrises, including commie blocks will be welcome.

Looks that something is "on the rise" in this city...
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