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Tirunelveli - Shopping Zone (Hotels, Restaurents,Showrooms and other shops)

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Tirunelveli is one of the famous city for Shopping. Though Tirunelveli is the smallest city but numerous shopping showrooms, hotels..etc. Most of the famous showrooms in Tamilnadu are owned by Tirunelveli people.

Lets update the Shopping news in and around Tirunelveli.
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Regarding KFC

Met my relative today. Aryaas group is yet to finalize the place in Vannarpettai. So KFC franchise team is waiting to see the place. :(

So the delay is due to Aryaas group only :(
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If possible anyone could you please upload the pictures of reliance hypermart ?
Hotel looks excellent :) Good to see buffet restaurants in nellai.

But why didn't this hotel have a website ? Very surprised to see a 3 star hotel without a website.
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What happened to hotel Atlantis construction near new bus stand ? Any updates ?

So including that we have four 3 star hotels in nellai..

Apple tree
KA hotel
Atlantis hotel

:). :banana:

Waiting for a 5 star hotel to enter tirunelveli. Hope it will happen once syntel and bosch starts their operations :)
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Aara silks closed its branch at Vannarpettai due to poor performance and not able to compete with RMKV and Chennai silks:bash:

But other branch at Tirunelveli town is remain opened..Town branch has welcomed by people due to less competitirs( Only POTHYS)


Tell your relatives AARA SILKS building that there is chance for KFC in that bilding

very sad to hear :bash::bash:

JK, The place for KFC is vannarpettai. it is confirmed. As far as i heard they want to open only in vannarpettai.
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FYI. the closed branch of AARA silks are in vannarpettai itself.. is it possible to buy a building by KFC?
I am not sure about their mindset. will let you know if i get any latest updates about it.
for the past 6 months it is like that only.
properator: Muthuramalingam, former deputy mayor
I think it was supposed to be opened by april 2013. :bash:
^^yesterday.. i saw the hotel...superbly decorated...:cheers:
Jk please post the picture ... :)
Looks like marry brown attracts lot of people. Expecting one more branch in nellai :)
Owner of this building is Mr.Muthuramalingam former deputy mayor of our corporation who is directly against Mr.Subramanian former chairman of Thatchanallur region(both were participated for deputy mayor election) who is the brother of present Mayor Mr.Ganesan

I think he is the owner of ram muthuram theatre. Correct me if am wrong.
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may be JTC fitness centre
NO sir. I have visited the JFC fitness centre. they dont charge any entry fee. Normally fitness centre dont charge any entry fees.
Basement construction works starts opposite chennai silks.

The board is written as " Proposed commercial complex" in front of the site.

It would be Saravana stores.

Jk u r saying abt wavoo complex. It is not saravana stores. Saravana stores is already under construction near to apple tree hotel. U hav already shared the picture of it. Now why again confusion ??
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The construction next to Sakthi hospital is ground floor GRT thangamaligai and rest are shopping mall.. Construction next to Chennai sweets is either Jeyachandran or saravana stores.. Some conflicts going on...

HI Robo,

The one near the sakthi hospital belongs to wavoo group? ?
Initially there was a plan by wavoo group to built a shopping mall. Is it the one ?
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Hotel afna will be opened in north bye pass road, vannarpettai on September 3rd 2015.

The hotel have 45 AC rooms and 2 conference halls. Its a 4 floor building.
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mitsubishi india is opening a new showroom in tirunelveli - kanniyakumari highway. The building looks huge.
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Royal enfield:

new royal enfield showroom is also under construction in tirunelveli - kanniyakumari highway
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Showrooms in tirunelveli - kanniyakumari highway:

1. Nissan
2. Renault
3. Skoda
4. Mitsubishi
5. chevrolet
6. toyota
7. ford
8. royal enfield
9. jeyaraj automobile agency ( JCB shworoom )

Ford showroom has been moved to tirunelveli - kanniyakumari highway with a bigger showroom.
The one in south bye pass is under renovating. it seems that this showroom will only for service.
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New Constructions

1. Wavoo builders has started their construction in vannarpettai opposite to chennai silks. The building looks huge with 4 floors.

2. A building next to big bazaar is a 4 floor complex. it seems it is going to have apartments as well as shops in it.

3. GRT jewelers is going to come up in tirunelveli along with GRT hotels. Not sure which construction belongs to them.

4. Tirunelveli railways station looks more modern and beautiful with new paintings , LED lights etc. escalator works are going on.
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