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Went thru the Valley and New Farm today. Also got a couple from Southbank.

And what is with CP1's BMU? Couldn't get a photo of it, but as I was coming up the mwy, you could see the top swung around. It was really strange to see.

This is the first time I've posted my own photos on here, so don't pay out my shooting skills(or lack of).

Site opposite the Convention Centre. Not sure what it is.

From Kangaroo Point:

Damn it trees, get out of my way!

Sorry about the glare.

Cathedral Square, former Catholic Cathedral site

Old Pubs:
Princess Consort:

The Wickham:

Riparian and Aurora behind:

Kangaroo Point:

Riparian's Spire:

I've got three photos that I don't know how to stitch into a pano:

The Brisbane Powerhouse, for those who don't know, this was the power source for all the trams from the 1920's- 1970's:

Expensive houses opposite the powerhouse:

I think this house holds Brisbane's record. Not sure though:

From New Farm Park:

Riverwalk down towards the old Wool Stores @ Teneriffe:

The former Colonial Sugar Refinery:

From the ICB:

Bris. Sq. and Casino Towers from W.J. Bridge:

Its a sleepy little town
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The first one is SW1 (Southbank - Westend 1)
By Austcorp.

Ill edit this when I finsih looking... Just thought id post that first

- God DAMN those are some impressive views from Kangaroo Point. (Not a great photos lol, but the view... DAMN!)

- Nice pic of Cathedral Square. Love that sort of stuff (those style developments)

- Ill try and stick your pano for you.

- I took a pic of those houses the other day as well :D

- Nice shots/angles from the ICB

Overall well done. Nice tour.

You were in a bus the whole time yes?

Like whatever....
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Great photos - love the powerhouse shot. From that angle nobody would know that it was one of Australia's most unique performing arts complexes.

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